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Domo Sent Us A Cease And Desist Letter

So they say when you’re trying to bury a story, you send it out late Friday evening. I’m not even sure if that applies in this case, maybe it’s just a legal strategy to mess up […]

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Considering Microsoft Power BI? Be Sure To Consider The Total Cost of Ownership

If you’ve researched business intelligence (BI) software lately, you’ve probably stumbled across Microsoft Power BI.   Microsoft appears to be using the same playbook they used to bring Microsoft Word to the market back in the […]

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After 500+ Conversations With Customers Looking To Buy Business Intelligence Software Here Are The Top 6 Insights I’ve Learned

I spend a lot of time meeting and engaging customers. As founder of 5000fish, as well as the product visionary behind Yurbi, one of my key goals is to be able to listen and learn as […]

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Your First Look at Yurbi v11

We’ve been busy preparing the next version of Yurbi, and it’s going to be big. While we’re always updating Yurbi to improve its efficiency, there hasn’t been a design overhaul since v10 was released at the […]

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Emerging Trends in the BI Industry for 2016 – Changes are Coming

As an entrepreneur in the BI industry, I make it a priority to stay on top of news and trends in the space. The BI industry is experiencing a lot of transition at the moment, due […]

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