10 Signs Yurbi May Be a “Good Fit” For Your Organization

Alternative Crystal ReportsAt 5000fish, we believe in being frank. Although we design business intelligence (BI) software, we’re the first to admit Yurbi isn’t right for everyone. In fact, there are a handful of reasons Yurbi might not be the best BI solution for your needs, and we’ve outlined them here.

On the other hand, Yurbi might be just the tool you’ve been looking for to help unlock a wealth of data insights. We encourage you to read this article before you spend any more time exploring Yurbi, and soon you’ll have a solid idea if Yurbi may be a good fit for you.

Yurbi may be a good fit for your organization if…

  1. You don’t have an IT department.

    If you don’t have an IT department, or you do, but you want IT focused on other priorities, Yurbi may be a good fit. Every aspect of Yurbi is designed with the business user in mind, so even those who aren’t tech savvy can get the important BI insights they need without relying on IT.

  2. Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

  3. You’re working with a conservative BI budget.

    If you’ve looked at the cost of some BI solutions, you may be under the impression you can’t afford BI. We’re happy to tell you otherwise. If your BI budget is limited, a cost-effective solution like Yurbi may be the answer. In fact, Yurbi provides transparent pricing and cost less than half of what you’d pay for similar services from companies like QlikView or Tableau.

  4. You want to connect multiple internal databases.

    Yurbi can talk to many databases and seamlessly convert raw data into relevant business user information. If you want to connect to one, or even multiple internal databases and securely share data via web-based dashboards and reports, Yurbi could be the right BI solution for you.

  5. You have data in Microsoft Excel or in CSV files.

    If you have data in Microsoft Excel or in CSV files that you want converted into web-based dashboards and reports, Yurbi can make it happen- and no coding is required.

  6. Accessing BI on mobile and tablets is important.

    If you need a web-based BI solution your workforce can access on mobile and tablets, Yurbi might be the right choice. Yurbi’s mobile app is HTML and Javascript based, so it works on all major phone browsers.

  7. You want to start small, with potential to scale up

    Some BI vendors try to oversell you, push you to buy full software licenses upfront or require a minimum deal size before they’ll engage with you. Yurbi takes a different approach. Yurbi encourages you to start small to ensure BI can help you, and makes it easy to scale up when the time comes to deploy to a larger audience. If starting small appeals to you, Yurbi may be what you’re looking for.

  8. You’re looking for innovative BI features.

    Do you want to take advantage of BI features such as dashboards, ad-hoc report building, self-service analytics, scheduling, alerting and notifications? Then Yurbi could be a good fit. Yurbi offers all of these features and more, without compromising security.

  9. You want service that goes beyond traditional “customer support” without breaking the bank.

    If you’ve been dreaming about service that goes above and beyond, Yurbi may be the answer. At 5000fish, we not only want you to be successful with Yurbi, we want to help you achieve your business goals. And unlike most other BI vendors, tapping the resources offered by our Customer Success Team is included in your software subscription- it’s not considered a pricey “professional service.” If you’re curious about our Customer Success philosophy, we invite you to learn more.

  10. You want to embed dashboards or embed reporting into an existing website or application.

    If you want an easy to brand BI solution that gives you the power to embed dashboards or embed reporting into an existing website or application, Yurbi might serve you well. Plus, unlike the products offered by GoodData and Logi Analytics, it’s affordable.

  11. You’re a Service Desk manager on a quest to ramp up efficiency.

    If you want to maximize efficiency by running real-time reports, and unlock better reporting from helpdesk tools, Yurbi could be the solution you’re looking for. Yurbi integrates with major service desk vendors like CA®, HP®, BMC®, ServiceNow®, and more, right out of the box. That means your teams will have the power to access, integrate, and securely share data from multiple sources without the need for extensive database or development knowledge.

That was painless, wasn’t it? Of course it’s too soon to declare Yurbi is a perfect fit, but we hope you’ve determined whether or not it’s a viable BI option for your organization. If you’d like to get better acquainted with Yurbi, learn more about Yurbi or arrange for a demo for you and your team.

Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

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