3 Reasons Why CABI’s Breakup with Business Objects is a Big Deal

Y-CA_660x200On April 16, 2016, CA Technologies (CA) announced that it would no longer distribute CABI 4.1 with BusinessObjects. CA stated that the company will instead distribute CABI 6.x with TIBCO® Jaspersoft. Though CA Technologies downplayed the announcement, its breakup with BusinessObjects is a big deal. Here are three reasons why:

  1. All BusinessObjects reports will need to be recreated. Most CABI users have invested a lot of time and resources into building and integrating BusinessObjects reports. The transition from BusinessObjects to Jaspersoft will not be seamless because all of the reports created with BusinessObjects will need to be recreated.
  2. Additional training will be required. The second reason why this transition is a big deal is because though CABI users will still be required to write SQL queries, they must now learn new means and methods in JasperSoft. Users will also need to learn a new interface, all of which will require more training.
  3. A change in reporting could happen again. The third reason why CABI customers should pay attention to this change is because it is a huge indicator that reporting is not a core function of CA Technologies’ capabilities. This means that if CA Technologies’ relationship with TIBCO® Jaspersoft goes South, CABI users may have to transition to another reporting software.

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At 5000fish, we’ve been providing an alternative to CABI BusinessObjects since 1999 with Yurbi’s CA integration.  Many of our customers have already decided to use Yurbi’s reporting tools versus CABI BusinessObjects, which is now CABI Jaspersoft.

Our customers who are also CA customers will not experience any reporting disruption and are privy to a few added benefits. One benefit to CA customers who use Yurbi is that they do not need to know SQL code or hire a developer because Yurbi is a codeless BI tool, unlike BusinessObjects or Jaspersoft. Another benefit to using Yurbi versus CABI is that Yurbi works with all of your data sources, not just CA data.

For many CA customers, the switch from BusinessObjects to Jaspersoft could be a deal breaker in CA contract renewals because of how labor-intensive it will be to recreate all of the BusinessObjects reports into Jaspersoft. Yurbi customers who are currently using Yurbi versus CABI and decide to leave CA will be able to do so easily because Yurbi reports against the underlying database and not via the Service Desk APIs.  Yurbi can continue to make the CA information accessible even when the application is no longer running making migration easier as you don’t have to worry about losing access to your valuable historical information.

One final benefit to Yurbi customers who also use CA is that Yurbi customers receive a high level of technical support for reporting, which is lacking within CABI. Because CABI users are working with a CA partner versus CA itself, CABI users must go through CA as the middleman in order to reach the technical experts at BusinessObjects or Jaspersoft. Yurbi users work directly with our customer success team, which is committed to ensuring complete success in both the use and adoption of Yurbi’s reporting tools.

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Click here to download “5 Common Roadblocks to Service Desk Reporting”


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