3 Reasons To Invest in Agile BI Software (not counting all the thanks you’ll get from IT and Business Users)

IWishItWasALineChartAs a small to medium sized business (SMB) there’s a good chance you don’t employ an army of developers. In fact, your “IT team” may consist of one lone sole. As a result, there’s a good chance IT is having a hard time meeting the demands of end users who, having realized the power of business intelligence, are requesting reports at an accelerated rate. In fact, when nearly 600 professionals across a range of industries were asked what the greatest problem with their current BI product was, 25 percent said the development cycle was too long and difficult.1

So bottlenecks and backlogs occur, which stress both developers and end users- and that’s not good for morale- or business. In addition to being frustrating, long wait times can lead to a whole host of security vulnerabilities. For example, a developer that’s asked to modify a report time and again may sidestep protocol and teach the end user how to pull reports and data mine himself. Or, worse yet, a user who’s had it with ITs slow report generation and stale data, may hack the system to get the information he needs, when he needs it. 

The Remedy for the Waiting Game

The good news is, there’s a remedy for the waiting game. A business intelligence tool designed especially for non-technical users can elevate bottlenecks and backlogs and give your employees the power to exploit the potential of business intelligence ASAP. Here’s how.

  • Everyone Can Run a Report
    As opposed to traditional BI software, an agile business intelligence tool allows every member of your organization to run the report they need without ITs assistance. No waiting means users can access real-time data to help them make educated business decision.
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  • There’s No Miscommunication Between Users And Developers
    The business users we talk to tell us one of the primary reasons they’re not satisfied with their company’s BI solution is because they don’t get the reports they need (or want) from IT. Often, that’s because there’s miscommunication between the requester and the office report wizard or IT guru.A business user friendly BI solution nixes miscommunication mishaps because the requester no longer has to relay his or her needs to IT- they can run the exact report they want.
  • Users Can Data Mine For Additional Insights
    It’s great when end users get a report and then start asking questions that could lead to more in-depth data insights, but that means a trip back to IT. Because of long turn-around times, the end user may decide the hassle just isn’t worth it- not to mention, by the time they get the data it will most likely be stale and thus lost its value.

An agile tool like Yurbi allows the user to data mind to their heart’s content, even while they’re on the go. That’s because whether they’re accessing a dashboard via smartphone or building a report via tablet, Yurbi is designed to make the process a cinch.

How the Right BI Tool Can Put an End to the Waiting Game

In short, a user friendly BI tool can be leveraged by everyone in your organization. That frees up IT’s time to tackle other tasks, and means your employees can get the data they want, when they want it. The result? Rather than wait weeks for IT, employees enjoy instant access to real-time data that can be leverage to make impactful business decisions.

We would have to learn more about your organization’s business intelligence needs before we could say Yurbi is a good fit, but if you’re looking for an affordable, easy to use BI solution that offers best in class security, it could be. To learn more about how the right agile BI tool can benefit your organization, we encourage you to read our free eBook “The Hidden Cost of Bad Business Intelligence.” If you’re ready to take the next step, the Yurbi Pricing Guide will lay out all the ins and outs of calculating BI costs and developing your usage strategy.

1Logixml BI Survey 2011

Click here to download “Business Intelligence Buyers Guide (Part 1)”

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