3 Reasons to Stop Bringing Spreadsheets to Handout At Your Team Meetings

WhoHasTheRightSpreadsheetHere’s a scenario many business leaders are all too familiar with. A manager holds a meeting with his or her team leaders to discuss a spreadsheet. When the team leaders pull out their spreadsheets, everyone’s version is different. Next, the manager tries to determine who has the “right” report; which report covers all of the parameters and contains the most accurate, up to date data. Meanwhile, the team leaders become tense, frustrated, and disengaged- and everyone has wasted a significant amount of time.

When participants are looking at vastly different data and reports, you can’t have a meaningful discussion. Here’s how Yurbi can help put an end to the debate over who has the “right” report.

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Everyone Can Run a Report

If your end users need to jump through hoops with IT to get to the data they need, it’s not only going to be stale by the time they get it, there’s also a good chance they won’t get the exact report they’re looking for. Hence, everyone shows up at your meeting with reports that contain varying parameters and different data. Yurbi helps solve those problems. It’s an agile business intelligence tool that gives every member of your organization the power to run the reports they need, when they need them. No IT expertise required. As a result, data is fresh and relevant. Plus, Yurbi gives business users the power to explore data further through data mining and ad-hoc report building. And, if you have data in Microsoft Excel or in CSV files that you want converted into web-based dashboards and reports, Yurbi can make it happen- no coding is required.

Data is Real-time

Some business intelligence solutions pull data from a data warehouse or a replicated reporting database. That means the data is only as current as the last time it was refreshed, and refresh periods are often set at once per week or worse yet, once per month. With Yurbi, data is real-time. So whether your team accesses a report via desktop, mobile or tablet, they’re always looking at the same, up to the moment data. In fact, with Yurbi you can run real-time reports right from your meeting to ensure everyone is one the same page.

Easily Share Reports and Schedule Notifications

Using Yurbi’s Scheduler Wizard, reports can be set to automatically run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even in specific minute increments. Best yet, you can schedule reports for automatic delivery to individuals or groups. You might schedule a report for delivery before your meeting, so you can be certain every stakeholder is armed with the same data.

Business intelligence is a powerful tool leaders can leverage to gain important insights into nearly every aspect of their organization. But only if it’s accessible, accurate, up to date. Without knowing more about your business and your use case, we can’t say for sure Yurbi is the right BI solution for your needs. But if you’re often questioning which report is the “right” one, Yurbi can put an end to the discussion.

To find out more about how your organization might benefit from the right business intelligence tool, read our free eBook “The Hidden Cost of Bad Business Intelligence.” Then, read the Yurbi Pricing Guide to find out everything you need to know to help calculate your BI costs and develop your usage strategy.

Click here to download “10 Signs You Need A New BI Solution”

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