5 Benefits Of Business Intelligence Tools For Service Desk Systems

If there is any place in the IT department that sees the most action, it is the Help Desk. All day, impatient managers and confused end users call them in a panic. They want immediate assistance with a myriad of problems. Service desk solutions like CA Service Desk, ServiceNow, Ivanti Service Management, and BMC ITSM are ideal to restore order and get the company back on track.

Extract Valuable Data

Inside that service desk software is powerful information. The software itself is not necessarily built to pull that valuable data out for extensive analysis and reporting. Business intelligence software meets this need.

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Here are some of the features self-service business intelligence tools such as Yurbi provide:

Custom Reports– many end users and managers do not know database query terminology. Modern BI software translates database concepts into business terms they understand. As a result, it is easy for any employee to build custom reports.

Point and Click – In addition to using business terms, agile business intelligence software offers point and click report building. Non-technical staffs do not know SQL or other complex data languages. Now all they have to do is click the fields they want in their report, and it appears instantly. It only takes a couple more clicks to turn it into a colorful graph, ready to drop into any report.

Secure Data – In today’s computing world, crackers and hackers are common threats. Data security is critical. Top BI software lets companies fine-tune data security by role, group or person. Without top-notch security, BI tools are useless in the workplace.

Real-Time Reporting Metrics – Today’s business world operates at the speed of light–key performance indicators change rapidly. Information that was relevant only a short time ago is now old news. BI software that provides real-time reporting, without caching or storing of data, offers the most value to fast-moving corporations.

Prebuilt Connectors – BI tools are powerful, but their value diminishes if they are difficult to use. Prebuilt connectors hook into popular service desk products, and make it easy to create reports and graphs within minutes.

Custom Reports

Custom reports, point and click, secure data, real-time reporting, and prebuilt connectors are some of the valuable features that BI products add to Service Desk software. Yurbi is a powerful tool that makes it easy to pull important data from many different Help Desk products. Try a free trial or ask for a live demo. Business intelligence tools like Yurbi allow companies to make better decisions to help build sales and increase revenue faster.

Click here to download “5 Common Roadblocks to Service Desk Reporting”

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