The 5 Most Common Questions About Yurbi

Alternative Crystal ReportsWe work with customers and prospects every day, and throughout those interactions we receive a ton of questions about Yurbi. We always want to give a complete answer to these questions, which is why we decided to lay out the answers to the top five most common questions we have received about Yurbi within the past several months.

  1. Is Yurbi cloud-based or on-premise? Yurbi is an on-premise solution, however we try to give customers the best of both worlds. Once Yurbi is installed on a Windows system, Yurbi can be deployed in a company’s private cloud because Yurbi is a web-based solution.The primary advantages to Yurbi being an on-premise solution are that we never copy customer data into our cloud, and customers are able to upgrade and configure Yurbi in the way that makes most sense for their unique environments.

    When companies have off-premise BI solutions, those companies are generally at the mercy of the BI vendor for use case and requirement updates. Additionally, Yurbi communicates and configures data very quickly because each company’s data is easily accessible.
  2. Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

  3. Can I white-label Yurbi? White labeling SaaS solutions enables companies to brand the solution with the company’s branding in an effort to market it to customers as a service or offering, or for internal branding purposes. Yurbi is 100 percent HTML and JavaScript-based, which means Yurbi can be white labeled with customer branding. If you are interested in a white label solution, contact us for more information.
  4. Can I write my own SQL queries? Yurbi is a codeless environment, which makes Yurbi incredibly easy to use for the business user. Because Yurbi is a codeless environment, users cannot write their own SQL queries. The primary reason Yurbi doesn’t support SQL queries that are copied and pasted is due to security risks, and providing robust security for our customers is incredibly important to us.However, there are areas in Yurbi where users can leverage SQL functions, such as the report builder and architect areas of the product. Yurbi has a very powerful SQL generation component, and our customer success team can show users how to recreate any SQL query within Yurbi. That being said, features that allow uses to leverage SQL more easily are on the current Yurbi product roadmap.
  5. Do you support X application? We’re frequently asked if we support integrations with a variety of applications. Generally the answer is yes, but there area a few caveats. Yurbi can be connected to any application that leverages an ODBC compliant database, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, AS400, Microsoft Access, and more.Things become a little trickier when companies are using cloud-based applications and do not have access to the applications’ databases. In these situations, Yurbi can often connect to these applications via an API and we recommend leveraging CDATA ODBC drivers. (Note: There are reporting limitations when using an API, which you can learn more about here)

    If a company doesn’t have direct database connectivity and Yurbi cannot connect to a database via an ODBC driver, Yurbi is able to leverage Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or CSV files as well.
  6. How does Yurbi compare to X? We try to be as unbiased as possible while fully disclosing Yurbi’s strengths and weaknesses. We have written many Straight Talk Review articles that compare Yurbi with competing products. In most cases, there is a lot of overlap with Yurbi and other BI products. In each comparison, there are areas where the competing product is more competitive and other areas where Yurbi is a better fit.We primarily see Yurbi rise above the crowd when looking at security, because Yurbi has a very tight security model. Yurbi is also a great solution when companies are looking for tightly integrated, single-stack solutions. Another area where Yurbi excels is in its data distribution channels. Yurbi has dynamic embedded reporting, the ability to share live data feeds securely with internal and external audiences, and a variety of easy-to-understand dashboards, reports, and scheduled data emails.

The Bottom Line

If you have a question that is not on this list, we would be happy to answer it. Feel free to contact us with your specific questions and use cases!

Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

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