5 Things You Need to Know About Our Customer Success Model


At 5000fish, we work hard to make amazing software products, but we consider ourselves to be a customer service organization at heart. For us, customer success is the only type of success that truly matters. These days the term “customer success” has become a big buzzword within the SaaS industry. However, we believe it’s one thing to say you’re a customer success focused organization and it’s another thing to truly be one.

We strive to be a customer success organization in the way we view and interact with customers, and how we measure our own success. Here are the top five things that make us a true customer success focused organization:

  1. We don’t focus on products, we focus on delivering outcomes. Though we put a lot of effort into product features and functionality, our primary focus is ensuring that our products produce desired outcomes for customers. This requires our customer success teams to operate proactively, rather than reactively. Traditionally, customer support focused organizations are very reactive because they tend to only interact with customers who reach out with problems. Contrarily, our team proactively reaches out to customers to identify desired outcomes, and then work with those customers to achieve results.
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  3. We always seek to drive value. In a traditional customer support model, value is driven by survey results and customer satisfaction ratings after service tickets have been resolved. In our customer success model, value is driven through customer engagement beyond troubleshooting, such as analyzing customer license usages to ensure licenses are being optimized, helping customers understand and use new features, and sharing educational resources we publish on our blog and website.
  4. We work to minimize points of contact. Often times if you ask a question outside a customer support representative’s role, he or she will refer you to another person within the organization, such as your account manager, product specialist, or sales representative. We don’t operate this way – all of our customer success team members take ownership of customer issues and questions. Then, our customer success representatives confirm that the issue has been resolved or the question answered before passing the customer onto another department. This aligns with our goal to make your experience with 5000fish easy, not cumbersome.
  5. We take customer feedback seriously. Our product roadmaps are heavily influenced by the direct feedback we receive from customers and the feedback we gather through helping customers. We work to implement changes and improvements in less than 90 days, in comparison to the 12 to 18 months larger companies generally take to implement customer suggestions.
  6. We don’t charge you for our time. The best part about our customer success model is that it’s included in customer license fees. Many SaaS companies charge customers extra fees for support, especially if it requires heavy lifting on the company’s end. We don’t agree with this practice and won’t charge you for our time, because your success is truly our success.  We do offer Professional Services for those environments who want us to delivery staff augmentation, custom or turnkey solutions and for environments who want more formal instructor-led training, but our customers get as much assistance and collaboration from our customer success team as they need. We’re always here to help.

When you work with our sales team and our customer success team, you can be confident that you won’t be oversold or swindled. As we focus on our customers’ successes, we endeavor to be transparent about where Yurbi is a good fit, where it doesn’t fit, and then work to understand customer needs before taking them on to ensure that they see ROI when using our products.

Have additional questions about our customer success model? Contact us!

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