6 Use Cases for Embedded Analytics for Businesses (That Are Not Software Vendors)


At 5000fish, we believe that data should be easy to understand and should be highly shareable, which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that Yurbi users can easily share data with embedded reports and report links, and that our embedded reports are incredibly secure. Embedded reporting and analytics is a powerful tool within Yurbi that allows businesses to share and distribute important data to many different audiences without the need for additional user profiles.

Typically, embedded analytics are most often used by independent software vendors (ISVs), but did you know that there are many embedded analytics use cases for other types of businesses too? That’s why we put together six use cases for embedded reporting for all types of businesses. Here’s our list:

  1. You want to integrate reporting into the applications business users are accessing. The biggest value of embedded analytics is the ability to embed reports and data into the applications business users use the most. For example, if many users access the company portal (e.g. SharePoint), it would make sense to embed analytics within the portal because it is one less system business users must login to. Overall, embedding analytics in places that business users are accessing frequently will improve analytics adoption.
  2. You want to share your team’s performance with a large audience. Purchasing business intelligence is often not a companywide purchase and is typically limited to a few users, but sometimes users need to share information to a larger group. Embedded analytics, and specifically Yurbi’s guest view reports, allow teams to communicate performance to other groups within the company without the need for additional user profiles within the business intelligence system.
  3. Click here to download “Top 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting”

  4. You want to share current data with external vendors and partners. Usually when teams need to share data with external vendors or partners they are required to manually create separate Excel reports. Once the report is created, the data is stale and not up-to-date. However, with embedded analytics, it’s easy to provide vendors and partners a secure live feed of data that is always up-to-date.
  5. You want to share current data with customers. Similarly to the use case above, customers will also need access to current data at times. Embedded analytics allow you to share live data to customers in a secure manner with multi-tenant security that allows them to obtain the information they need.
  6. You want to integrate reporting into homegrown applications. Many businesses have development teams that create home-grown or customized solutions to solve the company’s business problems. These developers are generally successful in creating a solution that works, but lacks additional features such as analytics. This is where embedded analytics shine because it wouldn’t necessarily make sense for internal developers to also develop a full reporting function with scheduled reporting and notifications to the custom solution if it’s not core to the problem.
  7. You want to include data and reports on your website. Businesses will frequently include reports and data on their websites to advertise success, such as the number of customers or transactions a business has achieved. Embedded analytics enable businesses to display live data on their websites that can help increase credibility and display success.

Through these six use cases, we’ve seen that embedded analytics isn’t just for software vendors, but has many valid use cases for all different types of businesses. By tapping into the power of embedded analytics, your company will be able to get more out of your business intelligence solution through the wide distribution of data to relevant stakeholders.

Want to learn more?  Request a live demo of Yurbi today and see how to integrate your data in the places where your users need it most.

Click here to download “Top 5 Challenges of Embedded Reporting”

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