7 Signs You Need to Partner with a New Business Intelligence Vendor

7 Signs You Need to Partner with a New Business Intelligence Vendor

If you’ve ever dealt with BI software vendors, you know they’re not exactly a breeze to get along with (yeah, we’re talking about Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, the list is long).

As much as you, as a consultant, VAR, or a managed service partner need their business intelligence tools, their approach often has more flaws than advantages.

In fact, how do your current BI software partnerships make you feel? While you’re out there jumping hurdles to please your clients, does your BI partner give you the support you need that makes you want to high five them, or is there another hand gesture in mind?

Chances are, it’s the latter.

Today, we’re looking at 7 signs that will tell you if you need to partner with a new business intelligence tool.

How many checkmarks do you have?

1. Their Software Price Is Costing You Opportunities

Most customers think their projects are unique, and they’re expecting you to meet them halfway.

And the thing is: you want to.

You want to offer additional support, modify the software to their liking, and even give them a discount.

But your business intelligence tool provider isn’t letting you.

In worst cases, you have to make do with what you’ve got. Often, it’s the client’s budget and the cost of the software can be so much that you just flat out lose the deal.

Even if you’re doing most of the work.

When we were creating Yurbi business model, we were aware of these problems. We’ve been partners with a lot of software vendors over the last 20 years. It ain’t easy.

Because we don’t have all the overhead, locations, and high pressured sales teams as the other guys, we have a lower price than them.

Yurbi costs less than our larger competitors so our partners can get more revenue from their clients. If our software is good for your business, then the more you sell, the more you make.

It’s a win-win.

You can give your customers the technology you need while getting the profits you need to grow your business.

And speaking of growing the business…

2. You Need More than One Tool in Your Toolkit

When a BI vendor rises in popularity, being tied to them is awesome. The software practically sells itself, and the hype keeps your business going.

However, once the customers start using it and it’s not the right fit for their needs, your reputation is at a stake if you don’t have an alternative.

You need the best tool in the toolkit to be the customer’s advocate and advisor, instead of just selling them a hot solution.

And since no two customers are the same, sometimes even all-encompassing software like Qlik, Business Objects and Tableau may be square pegs trying to fit into circles.

This is one of the benefits that Yurbi brings to the table.

It can be the right fit at the right time for your customers, and you don’t have to feel reluctant to recommend it because of low-profit margins.

Instead, do what you’ve always wanted to do: focus on the success of your clients and your company.

We’ll just do the heavy lifting.

3. They Give You No Support

You can’t put a price tag on support, but some software vendors certainly try to.

Even though you’re selling their software just like their internal sales team, they treat you worse than free trial users. Their business intelligence tool may be useful, but their approach really isn’t.

If your engineers or clients are struggling with a bug, you don’t want to find out that partner support is just a buzzword.

And when your sales reps need help closing a deal, your software vendor shouldn’t do as magicians do and vanish.

This is where we want to do better with Yurbi.

Our BI software partnership includes resources and support.

Our partners are the same as our internal team for us because we know that when you’re successful, we’re successful too.

4. Your Software Vendors Aren’t Flexible In Anything

Flexibility may have to go through 20 levels of approval at major software companies, but for a managed service partner all that means is:

“I can’t do what my clients are asking me to do. I’m going to lose a great opportunity.”

As a small, agile company, we have the time and the desire to listen to your and your customers’ needs.

Our decisions happen lightning fast.

And even though our tech has the size and strength to compete against larger firms, we keep our team cohesive and flexible.

We can’t forget the adrenaline of finding a way to close a good deal. And we know how important it is to you, too.

5. They Expect You to Do Everything

Every BI software partnership should be exactly that: partnership.

And sometimes, as a partner, you need a helping hand.

Regardless of whether it’s the first couple of services engagements, sales demos or putting together a proposal, you need someone reliable on the other side.

Most software vendors don’t (or can’t) understand that. Every deal is your responsibility.

Yurbi business intelligence partnership does things differently.

We can support your sales calls and implementations, and we can represent your brand. We’ll even wear T-shirts to show how proud we are you’re our partner!

And if you need more resources but aren’t in a position to get them, we can virtually expand the size of your team with our people and tech.

6. Software Updates Take Too Long

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to chuck your BI partner off a cliff because you needed a software update yesterday, and they’re telling you it can be done in 18-24 months.

(Did you raise your hand? We sure did.)

At Yurbi, we know the feeling. We typically implement requests for new features within 3 months.

If you need a highly-customized feature, you can get our “Done for You” services team who’ll get you up and running quicker than you can say: “I need it now!”

7. They Put Their Brands before Yours

Finally, we both know that if you’re using business intelligence software you haven’t created, you have to be ready to constantly promote their brand.

Even if the other 99% of the solution is completely yours.

From colors and logos to the interface and dashboard, software vendors are putting their brands first.

But what about partners?

With all that competition, you need to have a sustaining business and a brand name. This means white labeling solutions while also selling integrated services.

The customers should only see you when they see the solution.

The technology stack should be where it’s its natural place: in the background.

At Yurbi, this is not a problem. We support the white-labeling model and allow our partners to brand Yurbi as a part of their business.

We’re not in the business of stealing the show.

We’re in the business of helping you shine.

Contact us to discover how Yurbi can become your go-to partner.

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