8 Powerful Features to Help You Use Yurbi to the Fullest


One of the great things about Yurbi is that it is a complete business intelligence (BI) platform. Where some BI solutions specialize in dashboards or mobile applications, Yurbi has always endeavored to give businesses a full BI platform that is affordable and can grow with them.

While Yurbi’s robust platform has proven to be very helpful to businesses as they leverage the parts of Yurbi that won them over, many of our customers do not utilize Yurbi’s additional features to get even more out of the platform. Keep reading for the eight most powerful features within Yurbi that will help you use it to the fullest:

  1. Drill down reporting: Yurbi’s drill down feature allows users to see the big picture of reports, and then drill down into the more granular details of a report for additional, actionable insights.
  2. External deep linking drill down: Not only does Yurbi allow users to drill down into Yurbi report, but users can drill down into externally linked reports, such as CRM system reports or helpdesk system reports.
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  4. Embedded share links: Yurbi’s report builder makes reports embeddable and shareable via hyperlinks.These links can be both secure (login credentials required) and non-secure (open viewership). This feature enables users to bookmark reports via hyperlinks, embed reports, or share reports publicly (e.g. in email signature).
  5. Report scheduler: A business user or agent is able to schedule reports with Yurbi’s report scheduler. This feature is helpful if a user regularly runs the same report because Yurbi’s scheduler automates this process.
  6. Favorites option: Within the Library, there is a section titled “My Favorites.” This feature allows users to bookmark and easily access their favorite reports, minus the digging.
  7. Save prompts: There is a “Save Prompts” feature on the Yurbi dashboard, which enables business users to save their prompt options, customizing the user’s dashboard view. Builders must first include the prompt options when building the dashboard before business users can save their individual prompt options.
  8. Mobile interface: Yurbi is a web-responsive platform that is automatically optimized for the screen size on which users are viewing Yurbi. Yurbi’s mobile interface doesn’t require users to download an app – they must simply access Yurbi via a mobile browser.
  9. Connect to more data: Yurbi is able to connect to multiple databases for integrated reports and dashboards. Connect Yurbi to multiple data sources in your environment to unlock in-memory, real-time, integrated data between disparate databases (or spreadsheets).  Great for building custom metrics and calculations in the formula builder.

Bottom Line

The best part about all of the above features is that users don’t have to pay extra for any of them because they are included in Yurbi’s platform. If you have any questions about the above features, feel free to request a demo or contact us!

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