8 Signs Yurbi May Not Be a “Good Fit” For Your Organization

You may be shocked by what you’re about to read: Yurbi isn’t a “good fit” for everyone and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

In fact, we’re proud to be upfront with you, and here’s why. Our goal at 5000fish is to help businesses be more successful- whether we assist them or they’re better serviced by another company. After years of experience we know what a “good fit” and “bad fit” client looks like and if Yurbi isn’t the right solution for you, we don’t want to waste your time or resources.

Wondering if Yurbi can bring value to your organization? Read on and find out.

Yurbi might not be the best fit for your organization if…

  1. You want to do reporting on Cloud or SaaS based data sources.

    Yurbi connects directly to your database, not through APIs. So if you want to do reporting on Cloud or SaaS based data sources, such as Salesforce.com or Google Analytics, Yurbi may or may not be the answer. Read this article to see if you like our approach or not.

  2. You don’t use a Microsoft Windows server and have no desire to.

    Yurbi is a .NET application. As such, it requires a Windows server to install. Once installed, clients access Yurbi through their browser, smartphone, or tablet. If you’re not using a Microsoft Windows server (and don’t want to) then Yurbi isn’t a good fit.

  3. Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

  4. You have a Mac but don’t want to run Windows.

    As we mentioned, Yurbi requires a Windows server to install. So, if you’re a Mac aficionado who doesn’t want to run Microsoft Windows in virtualization using a product like VMware Fusion or host one in a Cloud space like Rackspace, Yurbi simply won’t work. It’s important you know that once installed, Yurbi plays quite nicely with Mac via browser.

  5. You want to connect to OLAP Cube.

    Some BI products connect to OLAP cube to access to your data to build reports, dashboards and more. Yurbi doesn’t. Yurbi connects directly to your organization’s raw data, leveraging SQL or Oracle drivers or an ODBC connection. If your data source is OLAP cube, please know Yurbi isn’t a good fit and Microsoft has some great OLAP reporting solutions. Read this article to see our thoughts on OLAP.

  6. You’re looking for a Cloud solution.

    At 5000fish we’re focused on delivering great BI at a competitive price, not managing a hosting infrastructure. Although a Cloud version of Yurbi is in the future, today Yurbi is designed for our customer’s to install. If you want a Cloud solution and you’re not interested in the flexibility of installing and hosting Yurbi on your own Cloud Server (via Amazon, Rackspace, or many others), Yurbi is not what you’re looking for.

  7. You live, eat and breathe complex statistics or advanced formulas.

    Yurbi may be a good fit if you want to export data to Microsoft Excel or your favorite statistics tool, but if you’re a data science guru who craves complex statistics or advanced formulas, Yurbi probably isn’t for you. That’s because Yurbi was designed for the business user, not the data scientist. You might be better served by R or SAS.

  1. You need highly specialized report formatting.

    Yurbi’s core set of reports serve the needs of 90% of business users; but they have their limits. If your organization demands very specialized formatting of reports or detailed dashboards, a custom layout BI solution like Crystal Reports or Cognos may be a better match than Yurbi.

  2. Writing your own code is a non-negotiable.

    If writing SQL queries and creating code is in your DNA, Yurbi isn’t a good match. That’s because Yurbi is designed for the business user who doesn’t know a thing about writing code. In fact, Yurbi writes code so the user doesn’t have to. If writing your own code is non-negotiable, you might find a more developer friendly tool like Business Objects/Crystal Reports helpful.

At 5000fish, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. If some of the points above resonate with you, Yurbi might not be the right solution. On the contrary, if they don’t, Yurbi may bring value to your organization. Learn more by reading 10 Signs Yurbi May Be a “Good Fit” For Your Organization.

Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

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