Asking “Do We Need Business Intelligence?” Here are the Top 5 Signs You Do

11_5Reasons_BI_660x220Are you reading this blog because you woke up this morning with the novel thought in your head that you needed to buy a BI solution today? We didn’t think so.

Just like the straw that eventually broke the camel’s back in the famous proverb, organizations don’t come to the conclusion that they need a BI solution overnight; the need tends to reveal itself over time through a series of (typically repetitive) events.

You’ve arrived at this blog because today, after many challenges and much consideration, you’ve finally reached the point where you’re ready to confirm whether your suspicions that your organization needs a BI solution are correct. So consider the five signs below. Do they remind you of your organization?

1) You sense that your company could be improving, but you have no idea how to tell for sure — or figure out exactly how you could be improving. You’re in the loop enough to hear that data can help your business. You see the articles out there. You hear the conversations on the conference floors. Trouble is, you don’t even know how to get to your data, let alone move forward with it in a meaningful way from there. A good BI vendor can not only provide you with the tools to access and analyze your data but train you in how to use them to your best advantage.

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2) You’re monitoring and/or gathering data, but the buck stops there. Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you already know you should be collecting data, but directly after doing so, there’s this big “Now what?” written on everyone’s faces. Maybe you don’t know quite how to make sense of your data. Or maybe you’re not sure which data is relevant to your organizational improvement. Or maybe you know both of these things but still haven’t figured out how to act meaningfully on your relevant data. A BI solution can take you beyond these challenges and into the improvement process.

3) You’re wasting a lot of time trying to create the tools you need to do something useful with your data. Perhaps you already know deep down that a BI solution would help you, but you’ve been fighting it because you fear the price tag, the research involved in vetting a solution, or even the change process associated with implementing one. So you or your staff stubbornly slave away creating Excel spreadsheets and the like that might accomplish in days or weeks (if you’re lucky) what a BI solution could tackle in minutes.

4) Your current solution just isn’t cutting muster. Did you buy BMC Remedy, CA Service Desk Manager, FrontRange Heat, HP Service Manager, ServiceNow, or a similar solution to achieve your BI goals, only to discover that you struggle more with it than without? Although there are many great BI products out there, the problem with a lot of the solutions on the market today is that they require a ton of IT expertise (such as Crystal Reports proficiency, for starters) that many companies either don’t have or can’t afford just to get the most basic BI work done.

5) Your competitors are leaving you behind in a trail of e-dust. Although this sign appears last, it is ultimately the most important one. After all, people are in business to make money, and you certainly can’t do that if your competition is always one step ahead of you. Are you losing old customers or new deals because your competitors can offer faster times to close (TTCs) on service tickets, mobile BI during customer meetings and more? The right BI solution can help you stay relevant, competitive and alive.

If you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing your suspicions have been confirmed, and you’d like to move forward with educating yourself further on how a BI solution can help your organization achieve its goals. Request a demo of Yurbi so we can discuss your business needs and see if we might have a good fit for you or not.  We’re happy to help you on your way to finding the right BI solution for your business.

Click here to download “10 Signs You Need A New BI Solution”

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