Benefits of Integrating BMC Remedy ITSM with Project Management Software

strategies_660x200As a Project Manager you’re constantly searching for data and insights to help you streamline processes, improve service and run a more efficient and effective Service Desk. So you turn to your BMC Remedy ITSM software for help, but find it difficult to extract the real-time information you need. Trying to integrate BMC with project management software like CA Clarity or Microsoft Project is equally frustrating. And connecting to other databases and spreadsheets to get a unified view of all your data is such a complex task, only IT can tackle it.

Getting the project management information you need shouldn’t be this hard. After all, accessing real-time Service Desk information stored in BMC Remedy can help you:

  • Stay current with projects and clients, uncover trends, and improve processes.
  • Estimate project fees and timelines, as well as track life cycle costs of assets, projects, etc.
  • Discover support issues on project resources that may be delaying a project.
  • Track workflow requests related to projects (such as a PC or smartphone order, or provisioning user access to an application).
  • Identify upcoming change orders in the BMC Change Management component that could affect your projects.
  • Track service level agreements (SLAs) for projects and ensure customer service support agreements are being met.

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How the Yurbi Premium App for BMC Remedy Can Improve Project Management

The Yurbi Premium App for BMC Remedy can streamline project management by giving you easy, affordable access to the business intelligence trapped in BMC Remedy and your other databases.

Here’s how:

  • The Yurbi Premium App for BMC Remedy comes prebuilt and preconfigured, removing the complexity associated with BMC Remedy and other databases- so no IT expertise is required to access and leverage real-time data.
  • Yurbi Premium App for BMC Remedy integrates across all databases and platforms, providing a unified view of all your data. Merge data from BMC, other databases, and spreadsheet sources into one easy to navigate platform- complete with dashboards, a self-service library, ad-hoc report-building capabilities, and scheduling and notifications.
  • Yurbi for BMC’s 100% Web-based interface provides you with on-demand access to real-time BI so you and your team members can make informed decisions regarding your Service Desk.
  • As a complete enterprise business intelligence solution, Yurbi for BMC provides a single access point and reporting environment for all of your vendor systems – not just BMC.
  • Yurbi for BMC’s flexible licensing model lets you start small and scale as needed.

Learn more about how Yurbi Premium App for BMC Remedy can help your Service Desk reach its potential by taking a test drive and exploring the Yurbi environment first hand. Mention that you’re interested in the Yurbi for BMC Premium App on the request form and we’ll gladly configure your test drive appropriately.

Click here to download “5 Common Roadblocks to Service Desk Reporting”

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