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Y-CA_660x200CA Service Management is one of the premier service desk applications available today. From automated ticket generation to ticket trend analysis and beyond, CA Service Management (formerly CA Service Desk Manager) is an exceptionally versatile application that offers businesses the potential to streamline service delivery and improve service quality.

While CA Service Management delivers a number of powerful features, it falls short in a few key areas; one of which is its dashboard capability. Out-of-the-box, CA provides a set of embedded reports from CA Business Intelligence, but no dashboard capability- at 5000fish, we see this as a problem.

Dashboards Help Service Desk Managers and Technicians Improve Efficiency

We believe that dashboards are an important tool in the arsenal of Service Desk Managers and technicians. Here are a few key reasons why:

  • From analyzing key performance indicators to reallocating resources and assigning work to appropriate teams, a visual dashboard display allows Service Desk Managers to quickly assess the status of their Service Desk and take appropriate action.
  • A dashboard gives Service Desk Managers the ability to drill down to specific incidents in a technician’s queue and discover insights about closure rates, trends, and workload.
  • Service Desk technicians can leverage dashboards to quickly gain insights into their workload. They can keep current on the tasks waiting in their queue, manage tasks by priority level and more.
  • Service Desk Managers can use dashboards to easily share pertinent real-time data and insights with consumers, IT teams and management.
  • Dashboard insights help Service Desk Managers and other business leaders make faster, more informed decisions about how to optimally marry IT investments with business objectives.

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How Yurbi Can Help Deliver the Best Dashboard for CA Service Management

We created Yurbi for CA Service Management to help Service Desk Managers leverage the power of dashboards to gain critical insights, improve processes and take their Service Desk to the next level. Other advantages of Yurbi for CA Service Management include:

Pre-built Integration
Yurbi offers pre-built integration with CA Service Management r11, 12, and 14. In fact, right out-of-the-box Yurbi provides over 140 pre-built reports and dashboards for CA. Use these pre-built reports as-is, or edit them to fit your unique Service Desk needs.

Build Reports Without Coding
Yurbi’s codeless approach to creating new reports allows users to create new dashboards and reports in just a matter of minutes, not days or weeks- no coding required.

100% HTML5
Yurbi Premium App for CA Service Management is 100% HTML5, so no plug-ins like Adobe Flash are needed.

Easily Brandable
Yurbi for CA Service Management makes is easy for you to configure your logos and colors and embed dashboards and reports in your internal applications like Sharepoint or Web pages.

Works on Any Mobile Platform
With Yurbi Premium App for CA Service Management you’ll always have access to the real-time, critical data you need- even when you’re on the go. The same dashboards and library reports you run from your desktop browser are optimized for mobile viewing on all major smartphones and tablets. No applications are needed!

Robust Security
Yurbi provides field-level security, so you can share CA data, dashboards and reports with all the stakeholders in your environment (such as business units, executives, customers, partners, and vendors) without sacrificing security. Use Yurbi’s audit log feature to quickly discover what each user is doing with the data, such as running reports or even exporting or scheduling data.

Affordable for All Sized Businesses
Yurbi integrates with CA Service Management at the database level and doesn’t require a license for reporting, making it a solution that even small to medium sized businesses can afford. As an added benefit of not having to provision user access in Service Desk just for reporting purposes, Yurbi helps reduce administrative workload. The Yurbi approach to licensing also helps minimize “security holes” that often occur when users are authorized in the Service Desk just to deliver reports- and then over time their access is forgotten about.

Integrate Other Data Sources with CA Data
Yurbi allows you to create a centralized data hub that offers you a 360-degree view of your Service Desk. With Yurbi you can conveniently combine network, inventory, internal application, ERP, and other company data with the CA Service Management data. In fact, with Yurbi you can connect to any data source and integrate that data with CA data- no coding and no replication of data needed.

Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain
IT won’t get bogged down with Yurbi. Yurbi is so simple to use that you can download it and start reporting in less than 30 minutes. Then take advantage of features like these immediately: Create custom reports on-the-fly from Service Desk data; Create presentation-ready executive dashboards; Link together multiple reports to combine data from other CA solutions and other data sources; Schedule routine reports in advance via email and more. In addition to being a cinch to install, you find that Yurbi is equally easy to maintain.

Of course, without learning more about your organization’s needs, we can’t claim Yurbi is a good fit but if you’re looking for the best dashboard for CA Service Management, you may have just found it.

Learn more about how Yurbi Premium App for CA Service Management can help your Service Desk reach its potential by taking a test drive and exploring the Yurbi environment first hand. Mention that you’re interested in the Yurbi for CA Service Management on the request form and we’ll gladly configure your test drive accordingly.

Click here to download “Top 3 Data Blindspots in Service Management Reporting”

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