The Best Reporting Tool for People Who Like Writing SQL Queries


At 5000fish, our goal is to make sure we’re the absolute right fit for potential customers and are making a well-informed purchase decision before they choose Yurbi as their business intelligence solution. That’s why we take concerns and objections heard during our sales process seriously and use them to determine whether we’re the best fit for a customer.

One situation we’ve encountered with potential customers is that developers who enjoy writing SQL code do not like our product because Yurbi is a completely codeless reporting tool. If you fall into this code-loving category, you may be wondering which business intelligence tools are the best for people who enjoy writing SQL queries.

That’s why we put together our recommendations for the best SQL code-based reporting tools:

  1. Mode Analytics: Mode Analytics is a newer data-reporting product that was built for analysts and is powered by a web-based SQL editor with charting and sharing tools.
  2. Periscope Data: Persicope Data is a tool that plugs directly into your databases, allowing you to write SQL and “run, save, and share analyses over billions of data rows in seconds.”
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  4. Other Traditional BI Tools: Ok, this isn’t one specific product, but traditional BI tools require a lot of SQL coding. Get your coding fix with these tools, including Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Business Objects/Crystal Reports, Qlikview, Cognos, and Oracle BI.

All of these tools are built for the SQL code power user and at least the first two are less expensive than traditional business intelligence options like those listed in number three.

Bottom Line

We have a lot of respect for developers who are committed to and love SQL code. If you’re a SQL code junkie, the above tools are great options for your business intelligence solution. Mode Analytics and Periscope Data are especially great for developers who both want to code and desire a sleeker, more modern reporting product.

We purposefully created Yurbi to be codeless because it is built for the business user who needs usable data and reports, but who does not know how to code or doesn’t have the time. We accomplish a codeless product via our powerful SQL code writer, which our customers really appreciate. Developers also value Yurbi because they don’t have to respond to every inquiry by providing business users access to reports and dashboards.

If you’ve written a ton of SQL code within your previous BI solution and are hesitant to switch because of all the work you’ve already put in, you should realize that your efforts were not in vain. By virtue of having those SQL queries speeds up the Yurbi App integration process. Plus, Yurbi saves all users a lot of time because the SQL coding is automatic. Additionally, Yurbi provides a ton of security to your databases that prevents employees from hacking your business’ data.

However, if you want to write SQL code with the ability to copy and paste the reports, Yurbi probably isn’t the best option. Once you determine why you prefer a business intelligence solution that requires coding skills and whether it’s truly the right fit for your company, check out the above solutions for developers or give us a call to learn more about our codeless reporting.

Click here to download “4 Signs Your Users Are Frustrated With Your BI Solution”

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