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White label analytics, which is also often referred to as “embedded analytics” or “embedded BI” is a program’s ability to quickly and efficiently embed dashboards, visualizations, data, reports, and other information into your business’s existing BI application. This is done by giving the company the ability to personalize the appearance and function of the integration software to match to look and function of the existing application’s brand and UI.

The goal of white label analytics is simple– to integrated third-party analytics functions into an existing application while also being white-labeled.

This means that the look and branding of the app is not jarring but rather is consistent. The analytics capabilities of such platforms include reporting, dashboard building, and additional forms of data visualization. Such visualization has tons of use cases for a variety of business types, but it mostly makes it possible for a business’s relevant teams to gain insights and make quicker and better decisions based on easy-to-understand company data.

So what does it take for white label embedded analytics software to be worth considering? Let’s take a look at everything you need to consider before making an investment.

What to Look For in White Label Embedded Analytics Software

There are a number of things one simply can’t go without when it comes to this type of BI software:

● Seamless integration. This is an essential feature of white label analytics software. If it doesn’t integrate well, most of its biggest use cases are gone.

● Management automation. The platform you choose should have extensive API capabilities that allow for full control over your business’s reporting, as well as excellent dashboard management directly within the application. This includes the auto-provisioning of users, permissions, and other core features.

● Scalability. A flexible framework that scales along with your application to handle usage loads is important.

● Security. Businesses that use BI need to be more security-conscious than ever before. The SaaS you choose should utilize various security standards that can be fine-tuned for customizable user access rights and authorization profiles. Out-of-date security practices can be quite dangerous and should be avoided.

● Multi-tenancy. Having a system designed to support tenant-level security and policies is key. Administrators should have to jump through hoops to accomplish security across multiple customers.

● A simple and in-depth customer agreement. It’s the vendor’s responsibility to provide contracts that detail exactly what you’re getting with your white label software. Only choose vendors and platforms that offer written contracts and take the time to carefully read exactly what you’re getting into with your software.

Think About Your Goals vs Needs

Do you really need software that seamlessly integrates with your existing BI software? Or, would you prefer more of a focus on loosely coupled software that provides end-users more “bells and whistles” but introduce another vendor into your sales cycle?

Think about what your needs are, but reflect on those needs in the context of your greater business goals. For example, if you are considering this type of software because users are asking for more direct access to their data or because you would like to have your internal non-development staff create reports for customers?

It is also critical to consider both the upfront costs and the cost of operations and maintenance and what makes sense for your budget.

Our recommendation is to never spend more on a BI solution than the problem the software is helping to solve is worth.

Sounds like common sense, but unfortunately in the heat of an aggressive sales cycle, many companies are lured into a long-term contract that doesn’t make sense for them now or when they scale (or both).

While the “bells and whistles” are great, an honest assessment of what features are needed now and what features are a nice to have is critical to consider and then factor in how much more are we willing to pay for those nice to have features? It’s also important to have a baseline of what is the cost of developing the dashboards and reports ourselves, factoring in not just resources, but the loss of time to market due to development time.

Intuitive and Simple Design

The best white label dashboard software should be simple, clean, and involve very little in the way of learning curves. Because this type of software is used with customization in mind as well as excellent reporting capabilities, it’s very important for the software to be as user-friendly as possible. To take it a step further, the vendor or manufacturer should also have a substantial hand in offering learning materials.

Excellent Technical and Customer Support

SaaS products should always come with top-tier customer service and support. Take the time to research how well a vendor communicates with customers for the purpose of training, assisting, troubleshooting, and generally making the process of integration as smooth as possible.

How Can Yurbi Help When it Comes to White Label Embedded Analytics Software?

Yurbi is an intuitive self-service BI platform designed for business owners who may not have all the technical know-how of a programmer or IT specialist. We understand that many organizations simply need simple and affordable white label embedded analytics solutions, and we’re here to make that a reality.

Yurbi also comes with a transparent and clear pricing model. It’s important to know the price initially (without any gotchas) and what the price will be as you grow your customer base. With Yurbi we offer a flat-price model so you won’t face the rip and replace decision when you’ve outgrown your embedded BI platform’s pricing model. We also offer pricing for startups and small businesses when they need less than unlimited users to start with.

Want to learn more about what Yurbi can do for your business? Contact us for a live demo and free trial. Seeing is believing!

How was our checklist to finding great white label embedded analytics software for your business? Tell us your tips or thoughts in the comments section below.

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