Check Business Intelligence Off Your To-Do List With Yurbi Turnkey Deployment Services

Turnkey Deployment Yurbi Services

Is your business starting to lag behind? It doesn’t take much for the average business to go from the cutting edge to feeling like everything is being pushed to the back-burner. If your business has a million things in the fire and not enough resources to get to them, it’s easy to feel like you’re starting to fail.

Ultimately, every project that your business is trying to work on is important worthy of time. However, as your business continues to grow, it can be hard to scale everything up proportionally and find the time and resources to get it all done.

Meanwhile, it’s becoming more and more obvious that business intelligence will be critical as your company keeps on scaling up. What’s more, your business needs fast and secure access to all the data you’re collecting.

As of right now, if your business is still relying on Excel or even the manual writing of SQL queries in order to extract information from your databases, it’s just a matter of time before your technical team begins pointing out all the flaws–that is, if they haven’t started to already.

Of course, it can be discouraging to look for new solutions since the top vendors like Tableau, Sisense, and Domo are all so pricey. They offer great solutions, but if you can’t fit them into the budget, implementing them simply isn’t the right option for your business. So, what is?

What your business needs is a lighter weight solution that won’t give you sticker shock. Yurbi is the answer.

What Is Yurbi?

Yurbi doesn’t require all the heavy-lifting that the leading vendors do. That means getting it into production is quick and simple. Plus, by leveraging the “Done For You” services Yurbi offers, it truly is a turnkey solution that will scale with your business’ needs.

Not only will you be impressed at how fast you get results, your business will also benefit from the much more affordable pricing that beats the competition across the board.

For most companies, the cost of Yurbi’s software and services is less than the average competitor’s software costs alone. That means cost savings both up-front and in the long-term.

What Is Yurbi Turnkey Deployment

Maybe your business’ resources are focused on other things or perhaps you just don’t have enough overall resources to get to everything in the fire right now. In either case, leveraging our Turkey Deployment “Done For You” service can get you the benefits without the delay.

With the experts on our team, we can get you from start to finish quickly without any hurdles, hiccups, or setbacks. In other words, if your company is looking to deploy a BI solution fast, Yurbi is going to shine above the rest.

Typically, the average turnkey deployment scenario will include:

  • Installation
  • Branding
  • Admin setup
  • Database connections
  • Report requirements collection
  • App development
  • Security requirements collection
  • Security configuration
  • Report building
  • Dashboard building
  • Customer review
  • Report adjustments
  • User provisioning
  • Deployment support

As a Yurbi client, you will gain access to a private portal where you will be able to see all phases and sub-tasks along with the deployment status. This helps you keep your own team in-the-loop.

We’ll require some information from you throughout the process, which you can easily submit via the client portal and track as we review and implement that information.

Most of the time we spend during the deployment process will involve your business’ unique requirements, app development, report building, and the review process where you’ll get to look everything over.

We’ll do our best to ask the right questions and capture all the information we need. That helps both of us because it means a quicker deployment with less re-working required.

Get Your Business Growing

Looking to finally begin checking things off your long to-do list again? Yurbi is the fast and affordable solution that will scale with your company. Request a demo to see what it can do for you, or get in touch with us for more information about the difference Yurbi can make for your business.

Business Intelligence For Companies Ready To Grow

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