When Buying a BI Solution, What Do You Have to Lose? (TL;DR Not Much With Yurbi)

We work with companies every day that are searching for a business intelligence solution to help improve their businesses through embeddable dashboards, interactive web-based dashboards, formatted exports, and a variety of other use cases. The one thing that all of these companies have in common is that they do extensive research in order to find the best solution.

Typically, these companies come to us frustrated and confused after speaking with seven or eight other vendors. Often they’re turned off by vendors’ high-pressure sales processes or reach a solution they believe will be the right fit, only to be deterred by sticker shock. Often, the goal is to find two or three vendors with which they can do a proof-of-concept and truly prove that the solution will work for their use case.

Why are companies doing so much research when determining the right BI solution for their organization? There are two reasons: First, BI solutions can be very expensive, therefore companies must be sure that the solution is worth the potentially very high expense. Second, the BI industry has a horrible reputation of failure. Historically, many companies have invested tons of money into a BI solution only to find out too late that it doesn’t do what they need it to do. This problem not only plagues the BI industry but the enterprise software industry as a whole.

The “What Do You Have to Lose?” Approach

How do companies get away with this? Well, the enterprise software space has a dirty secret and things typically play out like this: First, the software vendors hook companies with the upfront software deal and then implement the software in a way so that problems usually arise too far into the implementation cycle, when the company has invested too much money and resources into the solution to just bail on the deal. This forces companies to keep investing more money and resources into the product in the hope that they can make it work, at least for the remainder of the contract.

At Yurbi, it pains us to see organizations go through this (and we see it a lot). That’s why we strive to do the opposite and employ the “What do you have to lose?” approach. Here’s what we mean: Think about all of the time you’ve spent evaluating and justifying the purchase of an expensive BI solution, wasting internal time and delaying the benefits of solving the BI problem that you have. Instead of doing that, we think organizations should just give us a try, especially since we make it easy to do so.

First, Yurbi has a month-to-month pricing model that allows companies to start on our team plan for as little as $250 per month for five power users (or $500 per month for our OEM partners), which eliminates a ton of financial risk – no $50,000, $100,000, or $500,000 investments here. Second, we give customers a 14-day trial of the software and walk them through the process of testing Yurbi against their data, allowing customers to conduct a quick proof-of-concept to prove the potential of Yurbi in their environment. (After this trial, customers can then switch to a month-to-month subscription that comes with free in-depth training and support.) Third, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if Yurbi isn’t working out for some reason, no questions asked. Last, a company can start with one power user on our team plan and then easily scale the solution with more licenses as the organization becomes more comfortable with the software. This ensures that companies are purchasing additional licenses as they become ready to do so, rather than up front before the organization has adjusted and proven that Yurbi will solve the BI use case(s). Additionally, once companies are comfortable using Yurbi and want to use it long-term, they can switch to an annual contract which comes with a discount.

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This brings us to our initial question, “What do you have to lose with Yurbi?” Well, the worst case scenario is that an organization loses between 14 and 45 days of time, but only if the company commits to the month. And because of our money back guarantee, the organization will lose $0 if Yurbi doesn’t work out within the first month.

The bottom line is that companies don’t have much to lose in trying Yurbi, but there is a lot to gain. When a company tries Yurbi early on, they will gain a ton of time back that is typically wasted evaluating tons of expensive BI vendors and fielding aggressive sales calls. Companies will also sleep better at night knowing that they didn’t waste loads of money purchasing and implementing a BI solution that doesn’t work, whether Yurbi works out for them or not.

However, before a company does a 14 or 30-day trial with us, there is one thing we want customers to research before trying Yurbi: Customers should go to a few other BI vendors and ask for a price quote. This may require persistence, sitting through demos, and answering a lot of questions. This pricing research is important because customers will find that other vendors have a few features Yurbi doesn’t have (yet) or better training options because 5000fish is a scrappy, bootstrapped company and we’re competing against well-funded or public companies (e.g. DOMO, Sisense, Microsoft, Tableau, basically everybody else). But we think that after customers do a price comparison and discover that Yurbi does, in fact, meet their needs at the Yurbi price point, the extra features from larger vendors won’t matter too much.

We know that purchasing a BI solution isn’t always a price decision and that there are some companies that should pay $100,000 or $500,000 for a bigger-name solution, but we believe that Yurbi is appropriate for 90 percent of the companies out there searching for an agile, self-service BI tool. Plus, when a company purchases Yurbi, our customer success team becomes an extension of the customer’s BI team and the customer has the ability to influence features released within the product.

The Bottom Line

What do you have to lose by trying Yurbi? Not much. If you want to cut short the BI solution research process, start a trial with us today.

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