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Introducing Yurbi FastCache: In-Memory Dashboards

FastCache gives Yurbi the ability to configure the scheduled execution of a dashboard, so when you go to view that dashboard, you get a near-instant display of cached data rather than a live query against a database.

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?Announcing the Release of Yurbi Version 11 (A Breakdown of Everything New)

As we set out to build Yurbi version 11, we had a vision of the key things we wanted to incorporate. Spoiler alert, we nailed all our initial goals.

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First Look At Global Dashboard Filters In the Upcoming Version 11 of Yurbi

In our last look at Yurbi v11, we explored some of the big changes that we’ve made to Yurbi’s new builder. This time we’re going to look at a minor widget change along with how creating […]

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First Look At The New Report Builder Design In The Upcoming Yurbi Version 11

In our last look at Yurbi v11, we covered the modern interface and design changes we’ve made to make Yurbi more accessible and intuitive. This time we’re pulling the curtain back just a bit more to […]

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Your First Look at Yurbi v11

We’ve been busy preparing the next version of Yurbi, and it’s going to be big. While we’re always updating Yurbi to improve its efficiency, there hasn’t been a design overhaul since v10 was released at the […]

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Feature Update: Native Support for MySQL and PostgresSQL Drivers

What’s new: Yurbi now includes native support for both PostgreSQL Drivers and MySQL Drivers. Beforehand, when you connected Yurbi to a MySQL or PostgreSQL database, you were required to use ODBC drivers. In order to register […]

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Feature Update: Improved Date Filtering on Data Grid

What’s new: We’ve improved Yurbi’s date filtering to make analyzing data and spotting trends easier and faster. Previously, filtering the date column presented you with a long list of individual dates. In order to find the […]

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Feature Update: Yurbi Dashboard Scheduling

We’ve highlighted our report scheduler in previous posts (including this one and this one), and now we have a new update to share! Previously, users were only able to schedule reports within Yurbi. Now, users can […]

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Feature Update: Printable Dashboards

Previously, Yurbi users could view dashboards and share dashboards via embedded links, but users did not have the ability to print dashboards…until now. Similarly to printable reports, Yurbi users can now print dashboards. Here’s how it […]

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Definitive Guide to Yurbi’s Report Alerts and Threshold-Based Queries

We’ve mentioned Yurbi’s report scheduler frequently in the past, but there’s one use case we haven’t spoken about.  Yurbi’s scheduler features notification and alert abilities, which are two different functions. A scheduled notification allows users to […]

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