Domo Sent Us A Cease And Desist Letter

Yurbi vs GoodData: Straight Talk Review

So they say when you’re trying to bury a story, you send it out late Friday evening. I’m not even sure if that applies in this case, maybe it’s just a legal strategy to mess up your weekend or give you less time to respond, but to my surprise, Friday, Oct 8th, at 5:30pm, I received an email from Domo, Inc. legal counsel with a cease and desist order.

A big billion dollar, public traded company, Domo decided to flex its legal might and muscle and say that little bootstrapped, 5000fish, was misleading and sharing bad information about their product. They even said that our articles were likely to cause their brand serious harm.

We actually pride ourselves on trying to be as fair and unbiased as possible in our Straight Talk reviews. In fact, the majority of the information comes from these methods:

  • potential customers tell us information as they evaluate our product against Domo and we share those little nuggets of information
  • we take a look at sites like Capterra, G2, other software review sites, reddit forums, analyst reports and other places on the web and look at what people are saying they like and dislike
  • we monitor their website, specifically their pricing page and track things as they change

I guess Domo didn’t like those details that we had compiled over the years.

Honestly, the details are not really that important. As we’ve always said in our articles, some people love Domo software, some people find it doesn’t meet their use case. The same can be said for all BI products, including ours. Our only goal is to give people an option, and save them a whopping amount of money in the process.

Domo can feel proud in their legal actions. Maybe somebody will get a spot bonus for sending a cease and desist letter to a small business entity, in a pandemic no less. It won’t be the last time a large corporation tries to stomp on a small business.

I can just imagine the glad handing and back slapping that may be going on in some large board room with a beautiful view of the Utah mountains when the status report comes in that 5000fish took down their harmful information about Domo.

As for our plan, we’ll just keep making great software and giving people software options they can afford.

So I can’t share our comparisons on Domo with you anymore, we’ve updated all our blog posts that mention Domo to say nothing but positive and rosy praises for them, but I’ll share the cease and desist letter here for your reading enjoyment.

Here’s my recommendation, if you’re looking for a dashboard and reporting tool, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is supported by a small, but highly technical group of employees who treat all their customers like VIPs, click here.

Let’s have a discussion to see if Yurbi is a good fit for your requirements and if you do happen to currently use Domo and are looking to switch, wait until you hear about our competitive pricing replacement program.

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