Enhancements to Yurbi’s Embedded Reports with Personalized Report Prompts

2_EAB_Embedding_bannerIt’s official: We’re a bunch of data nerds here at 5000fish. We get excited about things like product updates and new features, and we’re proud of it! Do you remember when we enthusiastically announced Yurbi’s last dashboard update, which included report prompt personalization features? We loved this updated because Yurbi’s report prompt personalization features are powerful and make our users’ lives a lot easier.

And today, we’re nerding out once again: We’ve combined two of our favorite features within Yurbi, report prompt personalization and embedded reporting . Separately, these features make report building and report sharing much easier. But together, these features streamline the process of sharing embedded reports to multiple teams.

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Wait, What Are Yurbi Report Prompts Again?

Just as a refresher, report prompts allow users to run general reports, and then customize the report to meet other users’ data and reporting needs. This means users don’t have to build multiple reports about similar topics, but are only required to build one report and then personalize the report based upon the needs of different stakeholders.

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For example, a company has four project management teams on the East Coast, the West Coast, the South, and the Midwest would need to send location-specific versions of the same report to each team. The Yurbi user building the report has the option of building four separate reports or building one report and including personalized prompts. These prompts might include filters for location or date range, which would then require report viewers to self-select the appropriate prompts and customize the report view.


Where Embedded Reports and Personalized Report Prompts Collide

Often, these reports are shared via embedded reports. Through the embedded report, report viewers are still able to select the appropriate prompts. In the case of the project management teams, each team would receive the same embedded report link and self-select the appropriate prompts to customize the report for his or her region. This puts the personalization responsibility on the report viewer.

However, an update to Yurbi’s embedded reports has made this process even easier. Now, when the report builder is sharing the report as an embedded report, there is an option to select “Click to Build URL with Prompted Values.”


This option will take the report builder through the report prompts in the building process, and then apply the prompts to the share URL and embedded iFrame code links.


Once the report builder has applied the personalized report prompts for each region, the report builder can share customized reports to each region without each user being required to self-select and customize his or her own reports. This feature takes the personalization responsibility off of the report viewer so he or she can immediately view the information that is specific to his or her needs.

OEM or White Label Developers Rejoice

While this new embedded prompt feature is great for the normal business,  it also works great for developers looking to embed Yurbi into their application or portal.  Developers with a keen eye will notice that the URL we built above has a long list of query string parameters added to the core share or embed URL.

You can leverage this structure to build your own search/query interface into your application to generate the exact same query string to pass into Yurbi embedded object or share link.  This allows you to have very specific reports displayed in different areas of your application or to build a custom web form for users to select parameters to generate custom reports and charts.  It’s a great way to offer simplified ad-hoc query building in your application without having to give user Yurbi builder access.

Plus you don’t lose any security, you can still pass in the session token with the embed code to automatically limit each user to just their tenant information (just in case one of your users tries to hack the query string).

Want to know more about this update or have questions about Yurbi in general? Contact us!

Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

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