Exago BI Was Acquired, What Are The Top Exago BI Alternatives (5 + 1 Bonus)?

Yurbi - Top Alternative to Exago BI

Exago BI is a great tool to use for embedded analytics in the context of business intelligence. However, many organizations are looking for alternatives in the wake of Exago BI’s acquisition by InsightsSoftware.

This article will break down six great alternatives to consider when shopping for a solution similar to Exago BI.

What is Exago BI?

Exago BI is a business intelligence solution that is web-based. Users can incorporate this platform into web-based applications quite easily. Exago BI makes it possible for SaaS organizations of all sizes to offer self-service ad hoc, operational reporting, and interactive dashboard features to their clients. Users may combine data from SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, ODBC, web services, and custom assemblies with Exago BI. Using drag-and-drop report designers, users may create bespoke reports, visualizations, and dashboards from scratch, schedule reports, and integrate data into pixel-perfect forms.

Users may customize the Exago BI interface in terms of appearance and language to fit the host application, including text strings that anyone can translate into any language. Exago BI has a single sign-on feature, and security may be set up at the database, data object, row, or column level by group or user.

The Exago BI Acquisition

Exago BI was recently acquired by InsightsSoftware, which also recently acquired Izenda and Logi Analytics.

Although there’s no reason to believe that Exago and the other BI tools will continue to operate independently with no changes, in many cases, acquiring companies tend to boost prices, remove features, and cut support for applications they acquire. Many acquisition firms scoop up revenue from established vendors without putting much effort into improving their acquired products. This has led many organization leaders to consider alternatives due to an unknown future. Only the future will tell what will happen to Exago BI.

5 Alternatives to Exago BI (Plus 1 Bonus)

So what are some alternatives? The following applications are similar to Exago BI and have similar use cases worth looking into.

Microsoft Power BI Embedded

Microsoft Power BI Embedded allows you to rapidly create customer-facing reports, dashboards, and analytics in your applications by leveraging and branding this embedded analytics tool as your own. Reduce developer resources while gaining complete control of Power BI capabilities and sophisticated analytics by automating analyses’ monitoring, management, and deployment.

Users can conduct analytics and benefit from Microsoft’s ongoing investment in analytics and AI. Power BI Embedded makes it simple and personalized if you want to visualize data right away. Your users can make choices from anywhere with visuals designed for desktop and mobile. The biggest disadvantage of this technique is that it might be costly, despite its scalability.

Tableau Embedded

Tableau Embedded is another big player in this sector and is a popular tool for embedded analytics. Tableau’s interactive, analytical features may be embedded and customized by users to provide a seamless experience with your goods. Allow your consumers to ask inquiries and gain valuable information. This platform is also very scalable, allowing you and your customers to incorporate analytics wherever they are.

With flexible single sign-on, enterprise-grade security, and out-of-the-box high availability at scale, Tableau connects with your existing technologies. Like Power BI Embedded, this product is relatively pricey compared to rivals. As with any very large, industry-leading software, many complain that customer service can be slow.

Qlik Embedded

From basic widgets and online mashups to completely tailored embedded analytics apps, Qlik Embedded allows users to combine any data source, no matter how huge, quickly. This tool makes it possible to develop powerful embedded data analytics seamlessly integrated into your users’ workflows. With fine-grained APIs, a robust visualization toolkit, and our very strong Associative engine, you can place information in the correct context to help people make faster, more accurate decisions.

However, as an embedded analytics solution, Qlik has several drawbacks. This tool is difficult to set up since it has a steep learning curve and requires prior knowledge. Qlik Embedded may not be a suitable fit for bigger enterprises with enormous data lakes to analyze. According to internet evaluations, this program does not allocate memory adequately for large data applications. Qlik does offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for data from source to ultimate destination, including cleaning and alignment.


Datapine is a self-service business intelligence and dashboarding platform that includes advanced analytics capabilities like predictive analytics and intelligent data alerts powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Datapine makes it simple for data-driven businesses to keep track of the essential KPIs in one unified analytics platform. Non-technical individuals can undertake complicated data analysis and then disseminate results inside and outside the firm on aesthetically stunning business dashboards thanks to a straightforward user interface and numerous powerful dashboard capabilities. There are a plethora of professional dashboard layouts to choose from to get you started.

Datapine has certain disadvantages as well. For non-developers, the platform’s SQL box is a little too complex, and some of the more advanced capabilities can be a little overwhelming. The trial duration is somewhat brief, which may be difficult for bigger teams to evaluate each item thoroughly.


Dundas BI is a data visualization and business intelligence tool that provides customized dashboards, reporting, and visual data analytics. Users may connect Dundas BI with users’ current business systems to tailor its visualization and reporting capabilities to their specific requirements. The Dundas BI platform is adaptable, allowing users to connect to and interact with any data source in real-time and on any device. Thanks to the touch-based interface and responsive design, users can build and view dashboards and reports on any platform, from desktop to mobile.

Dundas BI has certain drawbacks, including challenges migrating from one data cube to the next, a high learning curve, and troubleshooting concerns. Due to the lack of a large online troubleshooting community for Dundas BI.

Bonus: It’s Yurbi!

Of course, this article is written with a purpose: to introduce you to a small, bootstrapped software that has the power and maturity to compare to Exago BI and the list of others above.

We are not the ones who want to bore you with a long-winded sales pitch, as we want you to see the action with your own eyes. However, we will be putting here some of the things you can expect from Yurbi:

  1. Self-hosted. From our perspective, being self-hosted gives a significant benefit to tightly integrating software such as a BI platform with your own. You can freely install Yurbi on your private server and network, and you never have to worry about losing control of your data, unauthorized network access, or privacy issues.
  2. Optimal security features. Your security is our top priority. We are always concerned about your data security because we all know how precious data can be. With our self-hosted structure, you can sleep comfortably at night knowing that the data you have treasured and protected for so long will not be in bad hands after using it for Yurbi.
  3. Price. With all these amazing features, you might think that Yurbi costs an arm and a leg. The good news is: no, we’re much more affordable! We will give you a top rate that is not only transparent but also within your budget, lock it in, and there you have it: you can use all of Yurbi’s features for your business intelligence needs without having to balloon up your operational costs.
  4. Deployment. Nowadays, everyone has a hybrid cloud app. You have a hosted app for most of your clients, but the big ones want their private environment. You could even have a few clients that require the program to be installed on their servers. Yurbi supports all of these approaches, and we have a licensing mechanism and a report deployment model that is simpler than most.

Let’s Talk

As we mentioned earlier, we don’t want words to talk about Yurbi. We prefer actions speaking louder than words in showing what Yurbi can bring to the table. Reach out to us, or schedule a free live demo to see what we’ve got because what you see is what you get with Yurbi, for you and me. Again, this is not a high-pressured sales call. Consider this an affirming step to start our blossoming relationship.

What do you think about these great alternatives to Exago Bi? Let us know which platform you plan to try in the comments below.

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