Feature Update: Improved Date Filtering on Data Grid

What’s new:

We’ve improved Yurbi’s date filtering to make analyzing data and spotting trends easier and faster.

Previously, filtering the date column presented you with a long list of individual dates. In order to find the appropriate date, you had to scroll through a huge list, then individually select the dates you wanted to see.

This could turn into a long and tedious process, especially if you wanted to see a variety of specific dates spanning months or years.

Our updated filtering makes this process easier.

Here’s how it works:

Now when you filter the date column in a data grid style report, you’re presented with a hierarchy of filter options—Year, Month and Day. Each category can expand and collapse, letting you quickly scroll to find the dates you need.

Filtering by a specific date range is still possible. This makes it easier to key in specific dates and locate the data you need. Just click the Toggle Filter button to switch between the old style and the new one.

Click the calendar icon to set your “greater than” and “less than” dates, then select Filter.

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