Feature Update: Printable Dashboards


Previously, Yurbi users could view dashboards and share dashboards via embedded links, but users did not have the ability to print dashboards…until now. Similarly to printable reports, Yurbi users can now print dashboards.

Here’s how it works:

When a user goes into a dashboard, the user will take a snapshot of the dashboard by clicking on the print icon. It’s important to make sure that everything the user wants to print is visible on the screen, because the dashboard-printing feature will only print what is visible.


After the user clicks the printer icon, an option window will open. Within this window, users can choose the orientation of the page (landscape or vertical) and whether there will be borders.

One of the most difficult technical aspects of printing dashboards is accounting for the fact that everyone has different resolutions and screen sizes.  When printing a dashboard you want to avoid having scroll bars on data grids or having data incorrectly sized.  In the Yurbi printing view, the user can also choose how each section of the dashboard will appear and resize to ensure proper printing.

When the user has configured the formatting of the printable dashboard, the user can then print the dashboard or turn it into a PDF file via the print tools available on their device.

Printable dashboards enable users to share dashboards offline in meetings or whenever they do not have access to live dashboard links. If you want to learn more about this feature or other features within Yurbi, feel free to request a demo.

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