First Look At The New Report Builder Design In The Upcoming Yurbi Version 11

In our last look at Yurbi v11, we covered the modern interface and design changes we’ve made to make Yurbi more accessible and intuitive.

This time we’re pulling the curtain back just a bit more to show you how you’ll be using a new builder in Yurbi v11 to create reports and manage data field cards.

Yurbi v11: A Revamped Designed Report Builder

Return to single step

Perhaps the biggest change to our builder in v11 is that we’re removing the multi-step “wizard” approach to creating reports and returning to a single-step, single-page builder. Now every input and function can be performed on one-page, without having to jump through various pages and steps. (You may recall this is how Yurbi worked in v9—v11 is a lot better!)

Real-time report preview

As you add fields into your data card area (which is now slim and vertical, rather than the current horizontal version), you’ll see a live representation of what you’re doing across roughly 10 records. Add new cards to the field and the results will update in real-time. Change an existing card and you’ll see a visual representation of the impact of your card, formula or criteria.

Streamlined data card creation and organization

In keeping with the vertical theme of Yurbi v11, adding and organizing drill down and custom fields via the Field Builder is now done on the left-hand menu. Your individual cards are then handled in the middle vertical panel, freeing up the top and right-hand side of the screen so that you can focus on the working area. Cards can be dragged-and-dropped and altered on the fly without cluttering important information.

Juggling 20+ cards (as some of you do) is now easier and more efficient than the previous method.

Codeless accessibility

Yurbi v11 continues to be easily accessible for users that have little to no coding experience. This is due in part to an improved workflow process that places common functions where they naturally belong for an intuitive UI experience.

Leveraging user feedback

Many of the changes we’ve made to Yurbi are directly related to the feedback and input we receive from users. The slim and minimal approach we’ve taken with v11 is just one example of implementing some of the great feedback you’ve provided us with.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you’d like to see in future versions of Yurbi.

Upgrade to Yurbi v11 for free

Yurbi v11 is scheduled to be released in Q1 2018. Existing Yurbi users will be able to update to v11 at no additional cost.

That being said, the subscription price for new Yurbi users will increase with the release of v11. If you’re an existing member, you’ll automatically be grandfathered into your current subscription price, with the option to increase or decrease your rate in the future.

Do you need a new dashboard and reporting solution? Test drive Yurbi for free or contact us to purchase a Yurbi subscription and lock in the current prices before our rates increase.

More information on Yurbi v11 is coming soon. Stay tuned to our blog for more details!

Click here to see an online demo of Yurbi

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