4 Technologies that Help Your Online Business Run Smoothly

Ask any business owner, and they will tell you that it can be difficult to run a business and maintain consistency. It can be difficult to maintain contacts and keep your regular customers happy and continue to attract new ones. However, luckily there are technologies available today that can be a tremendous asset to your business, whether it be a restaurant or a consulting firm. Consider some of these latest technologies.

Review Management

Review management is an umbrella term that will cover all types of customer reviews. The main purpose of review management is to present the business in the best light possible, even in the midst of poor reviews. Part of the aspects of review management would include management of positive links through an automatic 5-star process. Moreover, there are also systems where a negative review is funneled to a lesser-known review site rather than Yelp or Google reviews. Finally, this online technology also has systems in place where they profile customers and determine which ones are most likely to leave a review in the first place.


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Address Verification

It’s a basic law of nature: if you are involved in e-commerce, you will have to deal with shipping goods to an address. If you have a mix-up regarding an address, this can lead to a whole host of problems, including upset customers. However, there are many benefits of using address verification to improve your business processes. First of all, address verification technology will ensure a faster delivery process. Second, you are going to reduce lost productivity from your employees when they have to update the addresses. Finally, it allows for better communication with your customers, that of course is always a good thing.


Cloud Computing Technology

The beauty of cloud computing would be the fact that this technology allows everyone to utilize an information database system that is in a centralized location. It is kind of similar to Google Documents, but there are many applications to take it even further. One advantage to this would be increased productivity simply because all employees can complete work-related task at any time and at any place.


Business Intelligence Software

Leveraging data to grow your business is no longer a benefit available only to large businesses these days.  With affordable dashboard and ad-hoc reporting software, such as Yurbi, small to medium-sized businesses can deploy business intelligence software to their team without the large deployment costs that normally accompany enterprise software.  One advantage to self-service, agile business intelligence is that business users can obtain the benefit of data analysis without having to rely on a dedicated team of BI analysts or IT engineers.


These four types of technology will not only keep you on the cutting-edge, but it will help you compete in a strong and powerful way. Implement these three things and you can keep your online business running smoothly.

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