Getting Your Data Out of BMC Remedy – Is There a Better Way?

bmc_yurbi_whitebg660x200There’s a reason why BMC Remedy is popular among IT help desks. It’s a great ITSM solution that provides useful features such as an asset management tool that allows you to discover and track all the IT assets within the environments you maintain; a virtual agent with a chat interface that also offers informative articles and other educational materials; mobility and collaboration functionality among technicians/analysts, management, etc.; and on-premises or cloud delivery options.

But when it comes to getting valuable business intelligence out of the system, you’ve likely run into some problems.

The problem of Business Intelligence in BMC Remedy

There are a few challenges when it comes to BI in the framework of BMC’s system. To start, BMC’s dashboards and analytics tools, BMC Atrium Dashboards and Analytics, and BMC Smart Reporting are add-ons; they aren’t included in the price of the basic product. If you’re interested in leveraging your data for BI purposes, you have to pay extra for such tools, and they don’t come cheap.

On top of this, you must set up licenses and security profiles in Remedy for each user of BMC’s dashboards and analytics tools. This adds to your expense and makes it onerous to share reports with employees, business partners and customers — especially if you have good reasons (beyond the time- and money-wasting ones) for not wanting to create profiles for each.

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But let’s say you can afford all this and do invest in BMC’s dashboards and analytics tools. They are powerful tools, as they are Business Objects-based. However, because they are Business Objects-based, they are also complex solutions, and utilizing them requires the right people with the right skill sets (i.e., developers).  Smart Reporting is based on a much easier technology,  YellowfinBI, but still limits you to only reporting on the BMC suite of solutions and not integrating other relevant data sources for custom metrics and ad-hoc analysis.

One last thing: Because the BMC reporting tools leverage the Remedy API, they all require an active Remedy license to leverage them.  We work with many companies who have recently migrated away from Remedy to other platforms such as ServiceNow (SNOW) who which to continue to access historical records and attachments without having to continue the BMC license.   The BMC reporting options will not work in this use case.

What can be done?

You can’t fault BMC Remedy for not being what it wasn’t designed to be. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need the BI that you need.

And yes, you can actually have it all. There is an easier and more affordable way to get your BI out of BMC.

We designed our BI solution, Yurbi, to provide a single, cost-effective platform for data reporting. In fact, we built an app specifically for you, Yurbi for BMC Remedy, that integrates with BMC in less than 45 minutes so you don’t have to go through the time and trouble of developing and troubleshooting one yourself.

Yurbi for BMC Remedy includes all the dashboards and analytics tools you’d ever need as well as ad-hoc report building, scheduling and notifications, and more. These tools are easy to use, requiring no background in SQL code writing or development whatsoever.

Not only does Yurbi work seamlessly with BMC Remedy, having no impact on the tasks Remedy is truly designed to perform, but Yurbi also plays nice with all your other databases, resulting in a one-stop shop for access to your data.

Best of all, Yurbi for BMC Remedy is affordable. Our pricing model allows you to pick the right combination of licenses that fits your needs and your budget as well.

Get Started Today. Make the most of BMC Remedy and your data with Yurbi for BMC Remedy. Request a live demo of Yurbi today or contact our Customer Success team for more information.

Click here to download “Top 3 Data Blindspots in Service Management Reporting”

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