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{tl;dr: You can focus on your business and we’ll handle all the Yurbi and BI tech stuff for you, contact us.}

We’re a customer service company at heart

Since we launched 5000fish in 2009, our mantra has been that when our customers are successful, we’re successful.

The concept is simple: if you need help, we provide it.

That’s why we developed a Customer Success model of support. It’s worked exceptionally well and we really enjoy working with customers who take us up on our offer to become a virtual business intelligence extension to their team.

What do we do? We build reports, discuss new requirements, even troubleshoot and solve server and network issues that may not be Yurbi-related, but they impact Yurbi as a consequence.

It has been our pleasure to be of service, and none of that changes. Our goal is still to provide unlimited support to our customers. We’ll be here for our customers and partners when they need it, at no additional cost.

But we’ve realized something new, a problem that a growing number of our customers struggle with:

They need more than just support.

We can be here to fix server issues and build reports, but our customers need more. And following our motto, we want to give it to them.

Some of our customers don’t have the resources for implementing business intelligence, but they know how valuable it is to their business.

They showed us that the price of Yurbi fits their budget compared to other BI solutions. However, they don’t have a person they can rely on to make their Yurbi success happen.

These customers have the resources for day-to-day operations and maintenance, but they need a jumpstart to get the project going. And instead of spending time and money on the setup, they want everything done with a team who knows how to keep doing it.

They want growth and benefits immediately, without worrying about implementation.

And that’s valid. That’s what Yurbi should be for your business.

We also have a few customers who’ve had turnover recently and realized it’s more cost-effective to use our team for ongoing report & dashboard administration than hire and train new staff.

After all, our model of billing in 15-minute increments with quick turnaround to requests is exactly like having an additional staff member. Without the HR and cost hassle.

You don’t even need to factor us into the annual holiday party cost (you’re lucky, we eat a lot).

Talking to our customers, we’ve come up with all the common services they need – and we provide.

We’ll keep listening to what you need, and adding more. As long as you need it to be successful, we need to do it.

Our focus is to make things easier, not harder

No matter what service you pick, these are our principles:

1. Simple agreements

We don’t deal with minimums and long-term contracts. Work with us for as long as you need it.

2. Transparency

Use our client portal to communicate with us and see the status of your project. You can see what tasks are pending, which are in progress, and which have been completed. If you need information, you’ve got it.

3. We’re affordable

Forget about travel expenses – all work is remote. You’re charged in 15-minute increments for the task, not the person.

If our lead developer is building the report, the work is billed at a report-builder rate. Not lead dev rate.

Services our customers love

Our business intelligence services do whatever you need them to do, but our customers love these the most:

1. Turnkey Deployment

Our business intelligence consulting motto is simple: you don’t have to be a developer to use data to your advantage.

Sign a simple agreement, provide access to your Yurbi server, and bring your data to life. We protect your confidential information – all our team members are US-based, and we can sign NDAs.

2. Report and Dashboard Building

Some of our customers are lucky to have enough resources for their own business intelligence teams. But it’s much better starting off with something to show.

That’s where our team can help. We can build your initial set of reports and a dashboard your team can use easily. If you need an outsourced report writer, we’ve got it. We can even recommend best design approaches and implement them.

3. Yurbi App Development

A generic business intelligence solution may serve the purpose for a while, but you need something better if you want to do better. And since that’s your goal, it’s our goal, too.

Our expert team matches your use case to Yurbi apps, making sure that you’ve got the best solution for your business.

4. API Connectors

We love having our heads stuck in clouds (the perspective is great), but that’s no place for data to be. Especially if you want your business intelligence to be relevant.

If you store your data in the cloud, our team can build the necessary connectors. Yurbi will get the data as soon as it’s stored, and you’ll get the reports right away. Cloud or no cloud.

5. Excel Macro Services

It’s good to have data on hand when you need it. Most of our customers use MS Excel or CSV files for data collection, but it takes a lot of time. That’s why we’ve implemented a way to automate the data-importing process. You can just press the button and get your data loaded into Yurbi.

6. Unique requirements

If you need something no one else has, we’ve got you. We offer custom development and integrations so you don’t have to change your way – we can change ours.

7. Partner Branded Documentation

If your partners and agencies want to white-label Yurbi to fit your brand, we’ll provide documentation. Yurbi is everything you want to make it, and it fits your business – from the app to the brand.

8. Instructor-Led Training

We’ve got all the webinars your team will ever need! Our Customer Success team is focused on two things: your success, and Yurbi.

We get our customers set up in a second with webinars and knowledge transfer. If your employees need to brush up on their knowledge a bit more, or help with making Yurbi awesome for your business, we’ll schedule a formal instructor-led training online or off-site.

9. Yurbi Server Hosting

Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server may not be what your budget needs. That doesn’t mean you should give up on business intelligence services.

We’ll provide cloud hosting for you and keep it nice & cozy so you can just grab the data you need, and make your business better.

Done For You

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that services should serve your needs.

Our customers never liked halfway solutions, and we’ve been committed to excellence since 2009. Time and time again, we’ve been shown just how much a friendly business partner can help.

We’re really proud to offer even more business intelligence consulting solutions. Our customers’ feedback meant a lot to us and at the end of the day, we’re only successful if you are.

So forget about learning everything you need to about the wires and cogs of business intelligence. That’s our job.

Your job is to excel at running your business. And we can’t wait to see you at the top.

Data can help you get there. It can drive your business forward and give you a competitive advantage.

And with the combination of Yurbi and our Professional Services, you’ve got all the expertise you need at your beck and call.

If you’re ready to get your BI program going quickly and affordably, we want to talk to you today.

Let’s make your business intelligence even better. Our team is here to help.

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