The Importance of Mobile BI in Today’s Information Visualization Age

15-PrioritizeBI-660x220Mobile technology enables employees to access corporate data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. However, not all applications and platforms allow users to access mission-critical data on the go—some that do can lead to security concerns for CIOs and IT administrators.

However, in order to remain competitive, field employees, remote workers, and average users must be able to access critical information when they are not physically attached to their desks.

Reducing Reliance on Legacy Systems to Drive Business Forward

When field and remote employees have access to mobile BI, it eliminates the need to rely on slow, legacy communications systems. They do not have to email back to home base to request information that they may need instantly. If field teams are on-site with a client, this can save countless man hours over the course of a single week, giving those teams immediate access to critical information. If a salesperson can access data from a tablet during a presentation, there is no need to “get back to” a client or prospect with the necessary information to make their business case. Doctors and clinicians can receive test results in their pocket, rather than waiting for hand-delivery from the lab, resulting in expedited patient care. Workers on a supply chain can upload and access real-time information to help streamline inventory management.

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Mobile access to BI allows team members to make critical and informed decisions quickly, reducing the downtime associated with legacy communications systems, allowing businesses to remain competitive and efficient. The use cases for mobile BI are almost endless and can provide true business benefits when properly utilized. However, it is also necessary to consider the security of that mobile BI.

The Security Concerns of Mobile BI

There is no magic bullet when it comes to mobile BI access and security. Every deployment will be unique, based upon an organization’s industry, needs, and capabilities, however, all business environments require some level of mobile data access.

One of the keys to providing mobile access is data centralization. There is far less opportunity for data to get lost, and it’s much easier to monitor and provide added layers of security on centralized, rather than fragmented data. A virtualized application allows IT teams to isolate the application and centralize computing.

Centralization, coupled with solid mobile data security policies give internal teams the ability to manage mobile devices so that if a single device becomes compromised, the entire system will not have to be wiped out. This is especially critical in BYOD environments.
Mobile BI access is really about security, and utilizing tools and applications that have proven to be secure over the years. Choosing tools that are “mobile friendly” may not always mean choosing tools that are “mobile secure.”

If your organization would like to provide its employees with secure access to mission-critical information on the go, learn more about Yurbi’s mobile and tablet features. We can help keep your teams running efficiently – while keeping your data secure.

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