Integrate Ivanti Service Management With Any of Your Other Data Sources

Centralizing and integrating multiple data sources used to be a time consuming and expensive solution for a highly convenient and efficient solution. That is until Yurbi came along. We designed Yurbi to quickly centralize the data across an entire organization, collecting and reporting data from unlimited data sources or data sets, regardless of vendor.
This means you can integrate Ivanti Service Manager into virtually any other application your business uses, including custom software that’s developed in-house. Yurbi allows you to connect Ivanti Service Manager with the other data sources in your environment, such as ERP, HR, APM, accounting, inventory management software, and more.
You can also connect to offline data stored in Microsoft Excel, where you may be creating custom service level monitoring calculations.
Here are a few examples of the advantages you gain when using Yurbi to integrate your Ivanti Service Manager data with other data sources.


Unforeseen disruptions to inventory (raw materials, works-in-progress, & finished goods) can have negative effects across an entire organization. Integrating Ivanti Service Manager with inventory management software gives your organization an additional look into how your inventory is managed, and gives key decision makers the ability to address inventory-related incidents and problems as quickly as possible.



Centralizing Ivanti Service Manager with accounting software allows businesses to, among other things, put a dollar amount on tickets. Comparing the expense of a problem resolution between ticket categories can help you allocate your resources as efficiently as possible by prioritizing the most impactful ticket categories.

Project Management

Combining service desk software with project management software is huge, especially for complex projects. Project managers that have real-time visibility into tickets that are directly related to a project’s cost and/or workflow allows them to quickly make the appropriate project modifications, potentially saving the business from incurring cost overruns or deadline issues.

Application Performance Monitoring

When you integrate Ivanti Service Manager with your APM software, a new world of information opens up. Learn how your applications are affecting tickets, how effective change orders are, and even compare productivity between team members.


How can the integration of Ivanti Service Manager and HR software benefit your business? Productivity. There are many ways to measure productivity. One way is to measure someone’s impact on tickets and how those tickets affected the business. It can be quite useful in identifying ultra-productive people and departments, as well as their opposites.

Custom In-house Applications 

Many if not all businesses use custom-developed software to tackle a particular issue or a set of issues. Yurbi is built to integrate multiple data sources, regardless of how those data sources are built. Whether your company has developed custom email tracking, network management software, or a CMDB, Yurbi integrates seamlessly with them all.

Resource Management

Resource management software is a broader set of applications that generally involve project management, asset management, inventory, etc. It allows businesses to track people, equipment, schedules, and costs. Integrating resource management software and Ivanti Service Manager gives your organization the opportunity to facilitate and streamline all the information that is typically housed in each of these applications.


Yurbi can and does integrate Ivanti Service Manager (among many other service desk applications) with virtually any data source out there. As mentioned before, there’s clearly no shortage of reasons why the concept of centralized data integration makes sense from an efficiency standpoint. The push-back around data integration, unfortunately, revolves around cost and time.

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The Advantages of Using Yurbi with Ivanti Service Manager

  • Complete Data Management Hub. Yurbi offers a real-time view into every data source, providing you with a holistic view of the data in each application, as well as the data across your enterprise. With Yurbi there’s no need to build in-house apps for managing data across multiple systems.
  • Seamless Data Integration. Yurbi combines data between Ivanti Service Manager and other data platforms into one convenient view. It can even do calculations to create custom metrics between Ivanti and separate data systems.
  • Robust Security Options. Securing data is very important to us. With Yurbi, you can apply role and data level security to ensure viewers and builders only get access to the info they need.
  • Hassle-Free Licensing. Because Yurbi communicates on the database level, there’s no need for additional application licenses. One license is all you need to provide your team with unlimited data sources, secured agent accounts and guest viewer privileges.
  • Anywhere Accessibility. Whether you’re using a desktop PC or mobile device, Yurbi can convert everything into a web-accessible set of dashboards and reports that can be accessed from anywhere. You can also embed reports directly into the applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint or other web applications where your data is expected to be seen.
  • Schedule Notifications. Schedule mobile alerts or desktop notifications to track specific activities and stay on top of your data management. You can even schedule dashboards and send them to specific members of your team as a PNG file—great for when you want to present information in a highly visual way.

Yurbi: Intelligent Business Intelligence 

Create a centralized platform that can pull, report and enable users to customize data from an unlimited number of data sources. This detailed integration now takes hours or days (compared to the weeks/months/years of alternative BI solutions).
If that weren’t enough, Yurbi also happens to be one of the most affordable BI options on the market. 

Discover How Yurbi Can Help You Succeed

To learn more about how Yurbi integrates & centralizes data, please visit our data integration page or contact us.
Interested in how Yurbi Premium App for Ivanti Service Manager can help your Service Desk reach its potential? Try taking a test drive and explore the Yurbi environment first hand.
Mention that you’re interested in using Yurbi for Ivanti on the request form, and we’ll configure your test drive accordingly.

Click here to download “5 Common Roadblocks to Service Desk Reporting”

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