Lessons Learned: Analyzing the Failures of 3 of America’s Most Hated Corporations

There are few things as aggravating to Americans as bad customer service. Unfortunately, it’s something all of us have experienced at some time or another. While the experience is not unique, there are some companies who have truly gone above and beyond when it comes to angering customers and hurting their brands. Here are three examples.

Equifax – The Boon of Data Thieves

Equifax is one of the nation’s largest companies when it comes to data management and technology; however, they probably should have followed their own advice. A massive data breach in 2017 resulted in the company compromising the personal data and credit information of 143 million Americans, culminating in a more than $700 million settlement. Even worse, the company waited as long as possible in releasing information to the public, and executives sold shares after the breach but before it was publicly announced. The company’s digital security was woefully inadequate. Had it been better, they could have prevented this disaster.

We Are Farmers, Dumb d’Dumb d’Dumb d’Dumb

A quick check of the internet reveals that Farmers Insurance has hundreds, if not thousands, of bad reviews, with many customers complaining about poor customer service, massive wait times and other assorted problems. Famously, Farmers has established itself as an industry leader in delayed payments and atrocious customer service. Consumer Reports has labeled Farmers Insurance as “worst” and the company has received a slew of negative ratings from other agencies, including numerous state insurance departments. These aren’t problems which are insurmountable. Indeed, better customer service platforms, data analytics software and customer relationship management platforms could easily take care of these problems.

EA Games – Microtransactions Everywhere!

EA Games has produced some of the most revered video game franchises in the world. However, the company found itself on the wrong end of media attention after a slew of scandals, including overemphasizing microtransactions, rushed products, and games which required you to always be online. If EA had paid better attention to the social media conversation and online reviews, they might have realized what was going on. Instead, they found themselves repeatedly making the list for America’s most-hated companies.

Thankfully, there are lessons all companies can learn from these failures. Study the trends, pay attention to data, and rely on experts if you want to keep your company in good standing with your customers.

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