Logi Analytics Was Acquired, What Are the Top Logi Analytics Alternatives (5+1 Bonus)?

Yurbi - Alternative to Logi Analytics

We predicted it way back in 2016 already. At the time, we predicted that Logi Analytics was searching for another round of funding or that it was preparing to be acquired.

And we were right on two occasions.

In 2017 it was acquired by a private equity firm. Now, in 2021, it’s been acquired by insightsoftware. With the acquisition, insightsoftware will embed customized analytics into any commercial or enterprise application featuring customer-branded user interface, reports, dashboards, and other insights.

So, now the question is, what happens next?

What’s Next for Logi Analytics?

Naturally, two knee-jerk reactions take place when the acquisition of a software vendor happens.

The first is that the acquiring company assures everyone that nothing will change. So, they convince customers that they won’t lose anything and things will be better due to the acquisition.

The second is that many existing customers know better, either through previous experience or gut feel, and they start looking for alternatives.

Sure, you could argue that nothing will change. And it won’t, at least not in the short term. You see, there’s always a period where a merger has to compete and settle down before anything changes. So, for now, it will be business as usual.

But from experience, we know that there will be changes. A company doesn’t acquire another company just to keep everything the same. They acquired the company because they saw value in the product or the company, and they want to maximize their investment.

Now, they’ll do this either by:

  • Driving more revenue from the existing customer base.
  • Changing the product to improve their existing product.
  • Doing a combination of the two.

And history repeats itself. We see all the time. Just look at the customers of Looker who didn’t like the changes that Google made after Looker’s acquisition. And now, customers of Tableau are also starting to see changes that Salesforce is making. Or even Chartio customers who were simply told that the product would no longer be offered.

Top 5+1 Alternatives to Logi Analytics

Ultimately, those customers who have already decided to switch might be making the right decision. Those who haven’t should maybe start considering it now. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the Logi Analytics alternatives available.


Sisense promises to be a “full-stack” solution. In other words, it includes an integrated database, extract/transform/load functionality, analytics, and visualization tools. In simple terms, you get all the tools that you need to generate insights from your data.

It also includes an analytics engine that processes big data without needing to clean or prepare it. Therefore, you’re able to unify disparate data sets to get a complete view of your data and insights across your company.


Stimulsoft is an all-in-one solution that provides a universal reporting and dashboard solution for any unique needs and requirements that you may have. Its Ultimate product includes all the tools necessary to build reports and export them in various formats.

In addition to the above, it also has a variety of standalone dashboard and reporting products that you can use to build dashboards or generate reports depending on your needs and requirements. Also, depending on your needs, you’ll be able to deploy it in the cloud or on-site.

Bold BI

Bold BI has been designed from the ground up to be embedded. It features a powerful SDK that you can use to embed Bold BI directly from your application code using their proprietary APIs.

This allows you to embed business intelligence and analytics into your application, and it will enable anyone to create beautiful dashboards in no time.

It also comes with a complete data integration platform with over 95 integrations to the most common data sources. This means you have easy access to your data and the insight it provides.


ClicData is a simple to use and intuitive cloud-based business intelligence solution that allows you to create dashboards that make tracking your company’s performance easy.

Allowing you to connect your data from over 250 sources into a single data warehouse, ClicData makes gathering your data simple. This, in turn, will enable you to make smarter decisions faster.

Depending on your needs, it has a self-service option available to give you all the tools you need to get your dashboards up and running quickly. There is also a full-service option. Here, a team of business analysts is at your service to ensure the success of your implementation.

Exago BI

Exago BI is an embedded business intelligence solution that’s developed specifically for non-developers. The platform is browser-based, so you don’t need any downloads to access the tool’s full functionality.

Ultimately, this gives you two main benefits: ease of use and flexibility. With the tool, you can create and interact with reports and dashboards, while you don’t need to understand the data structure.

Also, it’s white-label, and you’re able to modify all CSS, images, and text. This makes it an excellent option if you’re off the customization.

The Bonus Alternative To Logi Analytics, Yurbi

Of course, we’re biased, Yurbi is our software. But we always aim to be honest and transparent. We like telling you about the other options in the market because a) it gives you a chance to evaluate them all and b) we’re pretty confident we come out pretty well in that evaluation.

A few keys things that make Yurbi a great alternative to the new insightsoftware owned Logi Analytics.

Customer Service. We’re a small bootstrapped company unlike most of our competitors. So while they treat you like a normal enterprise software vendor does when it comes to technical support (typically that statement needs no further clarification), we treat all our customers like VIPs. You’re working with a tight-knit team of technical developers and product experts. So we resolve your issues quickly but more importantly, we develop any fixes or features you need as needed. Not like trying to get a large company to add that customization you need.

Cost. The same thing can be said for cost. We don’t have all the overhead expenses, sales and marketing, as the industry leaders. We don’t have to cover the cost of that big acquisition we just completed. We pass that cost savings on to our end users. So generally you’re going to find us a fraction of the cost of others.

Here’s a funny (not funny) story related to Logi Analytics. We had won on price and features competing head to head against them, to win the deal Logi Analytics discounted their price from $45,000 a year down to $5,000 a year just to win the business from us.

Features. We’re not just the low-cost option on the block. Our software was built with enterprise applications in mind. Our dynamic security model with a full set of APIs makes it very easy to embed and customize Yurbi as you need for your application. Combined with our focus on building a user interface designed for business users (not developers) make for a powerful combination.

Contact Us For A Demo and a Discussion

If you’re currently researching embedded analytics, dashboards, and reporting tools take a closer look at a demo of Yurbi and contact us, so we can discuss your requirements to see if we’re a good fit.

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