Look at the Data Before Making These 3 Business Decisions

Snap decisions and smart business strategies don’t usually go together. Careful deliberation often leads to making a better decision. Thanks to all the technological means of storing and retrieving data, small business owners won’t find themselves short on information. Accessing information isn’t enough, though. You must look over the data and apply the information to specific decisions in the office. Here are three areas that will benefit from a careful data review.

Hiring More People

Many positives coincide with hiring new people. As skilled personnel arrives in the office, overall productivity, morale, revenue, and more may improve. Hiring new people at the wrong time, however, could reap the opposite effects. Careful data analysis could help sway a “yes or no” decision on bringing new people into the company fold. Workable points out that probably the most important point to review is the question of necessity; data should reveal whether these new employees are genuinely needed.

Poor productivity from current employees might be the reason behind lagging results. Hiring new employees would become a costly and unnecessary response. Current operational processes may be at fault. Do they require streamlining? Before hiring any new personnel, make sure you look at all angles before arriving at a decision.

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Building a Meeting Room

Space in an office can be a premium. Using the space for one purpose may eliminate the use of the area for other vital means. Building a meeting room, for example, can be a boost or a dud depending on how often you put the room to use. And then there’s the issue of material and building costs. Teem says that analyzing meeting data based on previous meetings can help a business determine the specifics of the meeting room they want to build. This way, the company doesn’t overspend. Instead of spending lots of money to build a new space, it may be more economical to temporarily or periodically rent a meeting room. Explore all your options before making an expensive commitment.

Launching a Marketing Campaign

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming so fond of a marketing campaign you don’t look at the feasibility factor. Analytics Magazine recommends that promotional campaigns target the appropriate customer base and deliver results. Who to focus on, when to do so, and how to approach the campaign are all steps requiring careful thought. An examination of promotional and sales-related data could deliver answers to any concerns.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data shouldn’t collect virtual dust on servers or hard drives. A business may benefit tremendously from reviewing data. So, why not put the data to use before making decisions? Talk to Yurbi about how our team of experts can help you get the benefits of data reporting and dashboards quickly and affordably.

Click here to download “5 Mistakes Executives Make When Buying BI”

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