Major Update: We just released a new pricing model that may change the BI Industry


Since we first established our pricing structure, pricing within the BI industry has changed tremendously. Many companies, such as Sisense and Qlik, have stopped publishing pricing completely. BI newbies, such as Microsoft Power BI, have gone the opposite route and created very low, affordable pricing (but expensive at scale). Companies that still display pricing, like DOMO, are setting premium pricing structures that are very expensive (and not giving their expensive platform fees on their pricing page). In essence, pricing within the BI industry has been and still is all over the place.

At 5000fish, we believe that BI software pricing should be affordable and transparent, which is why we wanted to share an update to our pricing structure. Recently, we have received requests for different types of pricing structures from our customers. In order to better serve our customers’ needs, we have added in additional pricing options. Here are the most recent updates to Yurbi’s pricing structure:

    • Unlimited Data Sources Connectivity: Previously, we allowed our named user licenses to connect to only one Yurbi database connection (i.e. Yurbi App). However, we began to see that the majority of our customers required connectivity to multiple databases in order to maximize Yurbi’s benefits. Though our concurrent user licenses have always allowed connectivity with unlimited database sources, we decided to extend this feature to our named user licenses as well. This means that our smallest to our largest customers can connect Yurbi to an unlimited number of data sources.

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  • Expanded User Roles: Previously, we kept our pricing very simple by only offering a universal user license where the role could be dictated by the customer, transforming different users into admins, builders, and so on in the hopes that many users would grow into power users. However, over the past few months we have received feedback from many customers requesting a differentiation in pricing for power users versus view-only or agent users. This request has become prevalent because many of our customers only have a few power users and many view-only users.  It was especially important to our OEM and White Label partners. In our new pricing model, customers now purchase user licenses for power users only and have access to an unlimited number of view-only users. The only limitation for the view-only users is the amount of users who can log in at the same time, which is currently capped at two users for our Team plan and 10 users on our Business plan before additional add-on costs are needed.
  • Monthly Payment Options: Historically, our services have been billed annually to customers with a minimum quantity. However, many customers have requested that we make a monthly payment option available that is more aligned with a subscription-based SaaS pricing model.  This also allows customers a low-risk way to try BI without a large commitment. This is why we now allow customers to pay for Yurbi’s services on a monthly basis in our customer billing portal via credit card. We still offer an annual payment option, which provides a nice discount when compared to the month to month option.

Yurbi’s New Pricing Packages

The above pricing structure updates make up our new license packages, which were developed based upon the typical customer needs scenarios we encounter. These packages include:

  • Team: The team license is for companies that are searching for a self-service BI tool to aid a subset or team within the business. Companies that choose this pricing structure are typically searching for a lower cost BI solution with five or fewer power users and don’t have the need for advanced security. Cost: $1200 per year when billed annually, $120 per month when billed monthly.The team license includes:
  • Business: Once a company’s power user requirements exceed five power users and the company has a larger audience for its BI and reporting needs, the company graduates into our business license.Cost: $2100 per year when billed annually, $210 per month when billed monthly

The business license includes:

  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Unlimited Secured Agents (10 Concurrent Logins)
  • Unlimited Guest Viewers
  • 30 Guest View Reports
  • Group Security and Access Control
  • Dynamic Security Profiles (App Shield)
  • Dashboard and Report Scheduling

All plans come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and unlimited access to our awesome Customer Success team who will provide free onboarding and training to all new customers.

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We still have special discounts for non-profts, government, and education organization, as well as specific pricing models for larger organizations and our White Label or OEM partners.

  • Enterprise: The enterprise license is for  large companies that require a robust BI team and have a massive audience with reporting access. This license is graet for companies that need more than 20 power users, more than 30 Concurrent Logins, and need a large number of Guest View Reports.
  • OEM/White Label: Our OEM/White Label license is best suited for companies that would like to embed Yurbi into a multi-tenant application, deploy Yurbi to multiple on-premise customers, or are interested in partnering with us. There we have a plan that supports partners who are just starting up all the way to established software companies with millions of users.
  • Add-ons: The above packages serve most of our customers very well, but we still wanted to make additional features available. These add-on features include:
    • Concurrent Agent Logins: $50 per month, billed annually
    • Guest View Reports: $10 per month, billed annually
    • Dynamic Security Profiles: $200 per month, billed annually
    • Premium App: $200 per month, billed annually

Plus we built a great interactive calculator so you can select the options you need and see what your price is real-time.  Talk about easy, configurable, affordable, and most important transparent pricing!

Our new pricing structure enables customers and prospects to easily identify the features that will best serve their needs, versus a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Plus with the month to month option you can make a very low cost investment in BI to see if Yurbi is the right product for you.  With all plans we back them up with exceptional services powered by our company values. We plan to keep our pricing very transparent and extremely affordable for all of our customers, no matter how small or how large.

Are you ready to get started with BI?  Price should no longer be a barrier. For additional information about our new pricing structure, please visit our Pricing Page.

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