Migrating to Yurbi from Your Old BI Solution? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Companies searching for a new BI system might be intimidated by the prospect of switching solutions. Typically, these clients have hundreds of old reports, which is why new clients and prospects often ask us about how to migrate existing reports to Yurbi from their old BI solution, such as Crystal Reports or Sisense.

Though migrating hundreds of reports might sound like a lot of work, at Yurbi we endeavor to make the process as simple and painless for our clients as possible. Here is what you need to know about migrating from your old BI solution.

The Short Answer

In short, there isn’t an automated solution for migrating a company’s existing reports over to Yurbi because Yurbi presents a new paradigm in business reporting. Yurbi is built for business users and has an established architecture that allows business users to build their own reports quickly and easily, whereas many other solutions are built for the developer or IT person who is writing SQL code. Though reports can be migrated to Yurbi, it is a manual process that takes a little bit of effort, with emphasis on the word little.

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Things You Need to Know for a Successful Yurbi Migration

There is no way to automatically convert the reports built with SQL code into the Yurbi architecture because Yurbi generates SQL code on the fly when reports are built. Other systems require IT professionals to hard code the reports and package them in software-specific proprietary language, which is not compatible with Yurbi’s system.

However, because Yurbi makes the process of generating reports much simpler, recreating reports isn’t as painful as it sounds. Be sure to keep the following things in mind during your migration:

    • Recreating reports in Yurbi is quick and easy. Once new customers have properly configured their Yurbi App, the process of recreating reports is very fast. We have had customers tell us that they were able to create reports within Yurbi in five minutes that previously took them a week to create in Crystal Reports due to the complex SQL coding required.
    • Migrating to Yurbi will reduce the number of individual reports you need. Most of our new clients discover that many of the old reports they’ve been hanging onto are no longer needed. Other BI solutions will require users to duplicate reports based upon security restraints or report parameters, but Yurbi’s system often reduces the overall number of reports needed because Yurbi generates dynamic reports based upon prompts and security needs.
    • Yurbi’s report builder allows you to build templates. Every new report that you create in Yurbi becomes a dynamic template for future reports that you can recreate and adjust as needed to create new or similar reports.


  • Yurbi’s customer success representatives will help you through the process. The most important thing for new clients to remember when migrating to Yurbi is that our Customer Success representatives are here to make the process easier on you. We will help set up your Yurbi App and jump in to help you recreate reports (all included in our software pricing).

The Bottom Line

Migrating to Yurbi may not be an automated process, but the majority of our customers have seen that the system switch is well worth the initial migration effort because Yurbi is a more functional BI solution.

We relate switching over to Yurbi to buying a new pair of shoes: You never know how worn out your old shoes are because you’re wearing them every day until you put your feet into a new pair. In contrast, the new pair of shoes has much more support and feels better than the worn out shoes.

This is similar to how clients feel when they switch to Yurbi because it does everything faster and better than their old, worn out BI system. Not only does Yurbi save users a ton of time when it comes to generating, editing, and recreating reports, Yurbi saves companies money by eliminating software maintenance and report building administration costs.

Plus, by leveraging Yurbi companies are often able to increase BI adoption and empower users to make decisions based upon data more quickly than with other manual BI solutions that require a lot of technical support and generate reports slowly. Users also have access to a full platform of data that they can integrate into their daily routines via dashboards, a mobile platform that allows them to view data on the go, and scheduled reporting alerts.

And don’t worry – our customer success team wants your experience with Yurbi to be successful and we will ensure that your migration to Yubi goes as smoothly as possible.

To learn how your organization might benefit from the right business intelligence tool, read our free eBook “The Hidden Cost of Bad Business Intelligence.” If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us for a demo of Yurbi so we can show you how Yurbi can help Bring Your Data to Life®.

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