How Much Does Data Reporting Software Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked at 5000fish is “How much does data reporting software cost?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t cut and dry. How much analytic reporting software costs depends on a number of variables, including your organization’s unique requirements.

Answer the 5 questions we’ve outlined below to learn more about your organization’s needs, then read on and discover how much you might expect to pay for various data reporting software solutions.

5 Questions to Help Determine Data Reporting Software Needs

    1. Where is the data located?
      Is the data you want to work with stored in a database located at your business? Is it inside an Excel spreadsheet? Is it housed in the Cloud? Is some data in one location and some in another? Do you need a BI solution that can integrate data from multiple sources?

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  1. What do you want to do with the data?
    Do you want to create easy to read charts and graphs? Do you plan to perform complex statistical analysis? Do you need to create operational style reports that tell you how much your sales teams are producing, how long your average service tickets stay open, etc.?
  2. Who will use the data, and how will they use it?
    Who will be using the data? A skilled IT professional, a business-oriented user, or a front-line employee? Will your user leverage data and reports via desktop, mobile or a combination of both? Does your user require real-time data? Is data security a top priority? Do you need Agile or Traditional BI?
  3. What’s your budget?
    The cost of analytic reporting software varies significantly from vendor to vendor. Before you start comparing data software solutions, you need a solid idea of how much you can spend- this will save you from wasting time researching a cost-prohibitive solution.
  4. What services do you need?
    Do you want non-technical end-users to have the power to run reports without relying on IT? Are you working without an IT team and want the support of a robust Customer Success Team?

Our Bottom Line: How Much Does Database Reporting Software Cost?

As you evaluate how much BI costs, it’s important to keep in mind there are several factors that can increase the cost of BI, and price doesn’t necessarily equate to value. In fact, decision makers often come to 5000fish looking for an affordable solution after spending too much on BI software and not getting the ROI they expected.

A BI vendor that offers transparent, flexible pricing, low upfront costs, and can scale with your organization as it grows may offer the value you’re looking for. Unlike many traditional BI companies who want to engage you in a high-pressure sales pitch before they’ll tell you how much their data reporting software costs, we’re upfront about Yurbi’s price. In fact, we created Yurbi’s pricing model to be simple, configurable and transparent.

How much does Yurbi Cost?

When compared to most BI solutions, Yurbi is considerably less expensive.

The Yurbi Pricing Guide offers additional information about Yurbi’s pricing as well as best practices for licensing, frequently asked questions and cost saving tips.

How much does industry leading business intelligence software cost?

As we’ve already mentioned, most big name BI vendors, don’t post their prices online  At the enterprise level, companies often have multimillion dollar contracts with BI giants like SAP Business Objects and Oracle. We list the pricing as we know for many of those tools here.

Use the 5 questions we’ve outlined above to determine your organization’s data reporting requirements and you’ll be one step closer to finding a BI solution that not only meets your needs but also fits your budget. If you’re considering dashboard software, we’re happy to help find the right BI solution for your business. Request a demo of Yurbi so we can discuss your business needs and see if we might be a good fit for you or not.

Click here to download “5 Mistakes Executives Make When Buying BI”

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