New Yurbi Premium App: Ivanti Service Management 2016

Do you use Ivanti Service Management (formerly known as Heat Service Management) as your preferred ITSM solution? We’re excited to announce you can now connect to your Ivanti data using Yurbi’s latest Premium App: Ivanti Service Management 2016.

Take a look at what you can do with our latest Premium App.

What’s included in Ivanti Service Management 2016

Built-in Modules. Access the following modules right out of the box: Incidents, Problems, Service Request, Change, Configuration Items, Surveys.

Ad-hoc Reports. Build ad-hoc reports within each module using a full list of built-in fields to choose from.

Over 120 Canned Reports. Choose from over a hundred pre-made reports across the following report types: Incident, Change, Problem, and Service Request. Once you’ve connected Yurbi to your Ivanti Service Desk database, you’ll begin to see powerful reports, dashboards, and metrics within 30 minutes.

Deep Customization. Not only can every report be edited and modified to fit specific requirements, but the Yurbi App can be customized to support any additional database fields you require.

Create Holistic Dashboards and Reports. Ivanti is an important hub of information in your environment but not your only one. Yurbi can tie together your Ivanti data with all your other databases and excel spreadsheets for a complete environment view and custom metrics calculations.

Schedule and Share Data with Anyone. Yurbi provides you with a robust security layer so that you can schedule reports or provide live web-based views of data to anyone with a need to know, even external partners or customers.

How you can get started

Questions? Contact us here, or start a free trial and try Yurbi with your Ivanti Service Desk data. We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

We take your feedback seriously. We’re constantly updating Yurbi with new tools and features that will help you save time and money. Keep an eye on the latest updates over at

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