“Done For You” Yurbi Report and Dashboard Development Services

Yurbi Report and Dashboard Development Services

Data is Something Like a Big Deal

Data holds the answers to a company’s most pressing questions. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your company’s progress and also enables you to pin-point problem areas that aren’t serving your key objectives.

From highlighting your top selling products to your high value clients, to outlining the success and failures of your marketing campaigns, it’s the reports generated from your data that catapults your business along the path of growth.

But to get to these insights, you need to convert that raw data into dashboards and reports that can be used by your team. Yurbi makes the technical aspects of report writing easy. But there is an art and a science to creating a well-design report or dashboard, that many are interested to learn but only a few hold the power implement correctly.

Done-for-You Report and Dashboard Development

At Yurbi, we understand that no one knows your business as intimately as you; so we give you the power to be your own data experts, making it easy to generate data reports and to visualize the end result to the people who need it most.

Traditional BI tools make it very difficult for a non-technical person to be the report writer. Thus, the operational costs are a lot higher, because you have to hire a dedicated team of BI experts to write all the reports and build all the dashboards (expensive!).

Yurbi, on the other hand, was designed with non-technical business users in mind. So it’s easy to extract data, and transform it into different formats for people to gain actionable insights.

But in some environments this can actually hurt the adoption of Yurbi, because as a consequence of not requiring a dedicated team and spending weeks and weeks of effort to build reports and dashboards, no one really becomes the Yurbi expert in your environment.

With our “Done for You” services, we don’t want you to spend time and money on putting together a team just to learn the software inside-out to use it for your business, because at the end of the day, your newly formed team can leave anytime and take their knowledge with them— forcing you back at square one with no choice but to handle the frustration of forming a new team.

Need Help? Let Us Be Your Report Writer

We find that many organizations have a few in-house people skilled at building Yurbi reports and dashboards, but it’s not their primary job.

So once they are comfortable with the solution, instead of hiring a dedicated report writer to handle either the initial set of requirements or the ongoing end user requests for data, leveraging the Yurbi “Done For You” report and dashboard development services make the most sense (from a resource, time, and cost perspective).

In addition to being an expert at building Yurbi reports and dashboards, our team can also recommend tweaks to your Yurbi app to help you display data on the front-end with the metrics you are looking. Our experts can also help you decide what form of visual style would work the best to glean the most insight from a specific data set.

All of this happens fast. The end-user(s) of these reports will not have to wait days, weeks or months for data and reports. Yurbi gives you the power to generate powerful reports presented across an intuitively designed dashboard in a matter of hours.

Affordable Report and Dashboard Development

Working with us is easy and affordable. Leveraging us as a virtual member of your team saves in labor costs, on-boarding expenses, and most importantly just reduces to the time to getting the reports and dashboards you need.

Via a staff augmentation model, we bill in 15-minute increments, but if you need a project-based quote, we would be happy to do that for you. In either care, you only pay for the time used.

Knowledge is power. Contact us today so we can start leveraging your company’s powerful data to increase your bottom-line.

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