Secure Your Business: Helpful Tips to Keep Your Information and Data Protected

It seems that cybercriminals come up with new ways to steal data every day. Even so, there are several easy steps that you can take to protect your business. Here are some helpful tips that can help you keep your information safe.

Encrypt Data Stored in the Cloud

According to Caplinked, encryption protects your data from getting into the wrong hands and is most effective when integrated into your workflow. The hard drive in your computer holds a substantial amount of data. This includes business information that is considered to be confidential and sensitive. Using an encrypted hard drive can help to reduce the risk of your information being corrupted or your files being stolen.

Portable thumb drives are susceptible to theft and are also easy to lose, however, most modern thumb drives come with encryption. Making sure you use a wireless or secured network can go a long way in protecting your sensitive data, especially if you choose to use encryption when transferring files. If you are storing your data in the cloud, you can typically get encryption services through your provider; spend the time to find out what kind of encryption your provider offers can pay you back in spades. Encryption can even be used in workflow structures through centralized key management in your business data center.

Create Secure Passwords

The best password to use for your business should be close to unbreakable but also easy to remember. According to Carnegie Cyber Academy, cybercriminals may use brute force to try to hit your password combination by guessing various passwords until they manage to find yours. Other cybercriminals may use a technique known as phishing, wherein they try to pressure you into completing a scam.

If you create a strong password, your account will be spared from cybercrime. Create a password that is unique and that the average person would not guess based on knowledge about you. Using a long mix of various characters, including upper and lower casing as well as making your password long, can help to deter hackers from breaking in.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you attempt to protect your business data, you may need to answer some basic questions.

  • What kind of data needs to be encrypted?
  • Who needs to have clear access to the data?
  • What compliance requirements might apply to the data?

When you consider what you need to protect, you may ask yourself if you are handling personal information. You should also consider which users should be able to have access to the data in your company.

Technology is dominating the business world. However, your data can easily be compromised. Once you have a clear idea of the specific amount of protection your business requires, you can devise a plan that will best suit your security needs.

Yurbi doesn’t encrypt data, but via our data-level security features, it can help protect who has access to it.  With Yurbi an organization can provide users with secure access to business and application data and reduce the overall cost of operations and maintenance by requiring less IT and administration staff to manage the business intelligence solution.

To learn more about the data protection features of Yurbi,  contact us.


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