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{Updated October 2021}

The number of business intelligence vendors offering agile, user-friendly solutions is growing. In addition to well established BI companies developing new products designed to be less technical and more agile than traditional BI software, every few weeks another BI startup claims it is “the” BI solution for business users.

If you’re a business leader trying to keep up with the latest BI software developments (and sort through layers of marketing hype), you’ve got your work cut out for you. That’s one reason why at 5000fish, learning about new BI technologies is a fundamental component of our Customer Success approach to business. After all, if Yurbi isn’t the right solution for your business, we want to be able to talk to you knowledgeably about other solutions that might meet your needs.

Overview of Domo

Domo is not a newcomer anymore. Launched in 2010, its CEO, Josh James, had co-founded another analytics company called Omniture, which was acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion in 2009. Following the Adobe acquisition, James purchased Corda Technologies and rebranded it as Domo. Starting with $43 million from venture capital funding and angel investors that included Salesforce’s Mark Benioff, Domo went on to raise a total of $714 million before going public in June 2018 with 9,200,000 shares at $21 per share.

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Pros of Domo

Beautiful Interface

Domo gives decision-makers the ability to view real-time data in a single dashboard. And what a view it is. If you’re looking for “wow factor” you’ve found it. Domo’s interfaces, dashboard widgets, and displays are incredibly appealing, and the incorporation of creative data displays such as multi-part widgets, sparklines, and trend indicators also make their dashboard widgets very useful.

Integrates On-premise Data and External Data Sources in the Cloud

Domo has a good mechanism for taking on-premise data and moving it into their Cloud. A small piece of software installs on the user’s network, fetches information on a regular basis and moves that data up to the Cloud- which in-turn feeds those amazing dashboard widgets.

Through APIs, Domo can pull both structured and unstructured data (think QuickBooks and social media) from on-premise or Cloud-based sources, into one view. Domo offers over 100 connectors right out of the box.

Sales Reps Court Potential Customers

Once you get in the Domo sales funnel, you can expect to be treated right. In fact, from what prospective customers have told us, and from own experience, it’s clear Domo’s sales representatives have the green light to do what it takes to win-over executives.

Solid Business Infrastructure

Domo is here to stay. It’s built on solid technology, its network is dependable, and it has both the leadership and financial resources to continue to evolve. In short, Domo is not a fly by night organization. We think your business data is safe with Domo.

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Cons of Domo

We can’t show you this information anymore,  read why here – Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter.

Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter

Our Bottom Line: The Pros and Cons of Domo

There’s a lot of hype about Domo; some of it is well deserved, some of it isn’t.

If you’re considering Domo, it’s imperative that you do your due diligence and learn what other Cloud-based, and non-Cloud based business intelligence solutions are on the market. We think you’ll find there are several BI tools that offer more features, for less expense.

We hope our review of Domo was helpful. If you’d like to learn about the pros and cons of other popular BI solutions, we encourage you to explore more straight talk reviews. Have you used Domo? If so, we’d enjoy hearing your thoughts about Domo’s pros and cons.


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