Straight Talk: Review of GoodData; The Pros and Cons

Straight Talk BI ReviewsAs a well-funded SaaS company with $101 million in total funding, GoodData has found tremendous success. GoodData was one of the first companies to enter the cloud-based business intelligence space back in 2007. Additionally, the company was one of the first to offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) to business intelligence at a visualization level, which allows users manipulate data.

In fact, you’ve probably used GoodData because it is the preferred embedded reporting choice for most technology vendors. Companies such as ZenDesk, HP, and Demandbase are all GoodData customers. GoodData has built a huge client base and now has more than 30,000 customers worldwide.

The Pros

GoodData has a positive reputation within the BI world, and for good reason. Here are a few of GoodData’s strengths:

  • GoodData offers pre-built integrations: One great thing about GoodData’s seniority in cloud-based business intelligence is that the company has integrations with products companies are already using. GoodData can easily integrate with cloud-based data sources such as, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Magento, and more. GoodData also integrates with databases, protocols, and structured and unstructured data sources.
  • GoodData provides one tool for multiple uses: In order to get the most out of data, companies must turn their data into usable data. In order to do this, companies will often have to purchase multiple products to collect data, combine data, and transform data. GoodData does all of this within the product as a complete technology stack with an Extract Transform Load (ETL) process, which adds a lot of value to the product.
  • GoodData has good UI and UX: GoodData has very nice dashboards and a sleek user interface, and the product embeds seamlessly with other SaaS products which is a huge added bonus for customers.
  • GoodData has strong encryption and security: If you want to host your data in the cloud, GoodData has very strong encryption and SAAS 70 Type II level security.

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The Cons

Though GoodData is an excellent business intelligence solution, it’s not for everyone and has some room for improvement. Here are a few of GoodData’s weaknesses:

  • GoodData’s value cloud-based proposition has decreased: When GoodData first entered the business intelligence space in 2007, offering cloud-based data storage was valuable for customers. However, cloud-based storage is now seen as a commodity and most of the people we speak to are not keen on copying all of their data into another system’s cloud when they already have data stored in a separate cloud-based storage system.
  • GoodData is expensive. Any company with GoodData’s size and stature has a lot of pressure to win bigger accounts and set itself at a higher price point, which means that GoodData is probably not a financially feasible option for small or mid-sized companies. Additionally, GoodData’s pricing model is based off the size of a company’s database, which can drastically increase costs if your company has a lot of data or if your database is growing rapidly.
  • GoodData has a complex method of building reports and conducting inquires. In order to use GoodData, companies must have a technical user who can write a little bit of code. This adds complexity to GoodData’s products, versus other products on the market like Yurbi that are self-service and made for the business user. If your company doesn’t need ETL services, GoodData is likely a more technical product than you need.
  • GoodData doesn’t offer an on-premise option: GoodData is 100 percent cloud-based. Some users have complained that one drawback of using a cloud provider is that you are at the cloud provider’s mercy and disposal regarding updates, especially if the vendor doesn’t do a great job of educating users about the changes. When users have an on-premise solution, the user controls updates and training, versus the vendor.  It should be noted that most cloud providers will provide an on-premise solution if you’re willing to pay enough,  just think the government has it’s own hosted version of Amazon Web Services.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a PaaS approach for your business intelligence that is scalable, GoodData is a respectable option. GoodData is also great for established software vendors that are searching for a business intelligence product that offers a seamless integration and experience for customers, and for a product that has a proven and successful track record. However, if your company is searching for a more affordable, less technical business intelligence solution, GoodData probably isn’t the right fit.

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