Straight Talk: Yurbi vs DOMO; Strengths and Weaknesses

Straight Talk BI ReviewsKeeping informed about new business intelligence (BI) software is important to us at 5000fish. That’s because understanding the pros and cons of other BI tools gives us the knowledge to help our prospective customers choose the best BI solution for their needs best.

Domo is not a newcomer anymore, and has an impressive technical pedigree. Business leaders we speak with want to know more about Domo and understand how it compares to Yurbi. If you’re one of them, read on as we explore the advantages and potential drawbacks of Domo and Yurbi.

Background on Domo

Launched in 2010, its CEO, Josh James, had co-founded another analytics company called Omniture, which was acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion in 2009. Following the Adobe acquisition, James purchased Corda Technologies and rebranded it as Domo. Starting with $43 million from venture capital funding and angel investors that included Salesforce’s Mark Benioff, Domo went on to raise a total of $714 million before going public in June 2018 with 9,200,000 shares at $21 per share.

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Comparison of Yurbi and DOMO

Yurbi and DOMO are both agile business intelligence products, but that’s about where their similarities end. Here are seven ways in which Yurbi and Domo differ.

We can’t show you this information anymore,  read why here – Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter.

Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter

Yurbi vs DOMO: Our Bottom Line

Domo’s a great product, but if you’re considering Domo, it’s imperative that you do your due diligence and learn what other Cloud-based, and non-Cloud based business intelligence solutions are on the market. We think you’ll find there are several BI tools that offer more features, for less cost.

If you want an affordable tool that gives stakeholders the power to connect to external data sources, drill down into data, and easily extract it, then Yurbi might be a good fit for your needs.

If you found this review of Yurbi versus Domo helpful, and you want to discover how Yurbi compares to other BI tools, we encourage you to read more straight talk reviews.

Click here to download “5 Mistakes Executives Make When Buying BI”

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