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The Top 5 Dirty Secrets of Self-Service BI

We always talk about the benefits of agile and self-service BI, and there are many benefits when comparing self-service BI to traditional BI. However, we like to keep our users completely informed and we have to […]

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The Top 10 Features You Need in Your BI Solution (And One You Didn’t Know You Needed)

Many companies are currently searching for dashboard and reporting solutions, but the market has become pretty crowded. Though most BI vendors have similar core functionalities, not all solutions are created equally. That’s why we’ve put together […]

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The Top 7 Reasons Why Business Intelligence User Adoption Fails

The business intelligence (BI) industry has been plagued with poor user adoption for years. Though implementing a BI solution is a top CIO initiative year after year, BI has a huge failure rate within companies. We […]

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The Definitive Guide to Yurbi Audit Options

We built Yurbi from the ground up as an integrated, seamless business intelligence (BI) platform. Thanks to Yurbi’s smooth design and functionality, Yurbi has robust auditing capabilities that allow Yurbi admins to track all of the […]

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