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Handling Big Data: Yurbi’s Best Practices

Big data is something businesses should know how to handle and manage for their benefit. Learn more how Yurbi can help you make that happen.

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How Your Company Can Use Data to Reduce Costly Mistakes

Big data is everywhere, and the trend of companies using big data is not going away. From sports to technology to medicine, every company can benefit from using data to help make their business practices more […]

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Four Industries Being Transformed by Big Data

While industries like science and marketing have long implemented the use of big data, others are just starting to integrate it into their activities. Four areas that are being transformed by big data are healthcare, fintech, […]

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Big Data Vs. Business Intelligence: What’s the Difference?

How easy is it to get lost in all the jargon that abounds in the business world? One might say easy as pie … but only if one is referring to eating pie, since making one […]

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What is Big Data and Do I Have It?

Not exactly sure what big data is? You’ve got plenty of company. At 5000fish we’re frequently asked “What is big data?” and “Is Yurbi a big data solution?” The truth is there’s a lot of hype […]

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