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Case Study: Yurbi Tackles a Data Extraction Nightmare (That’s More Common Than You Think)

Here at 5000fish, we encounter many unique challenges companies face regarding data collection, storage, and reporting. Recently, we took on a customer that was facing a data extraction problem. The customer is a manufacturing company that […]

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Case Study: Yurbi Tackles Data Collection, Data Storage, and Data Reporting Issues via a Powerful Integration

Over the years, we have seen that many companies not only have data reporting challenges¬†but data collection issues as well. The quality of any report or dashboard is directly tied to the quality of the data. […]

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Case Study: Yurbi and Tableau Co-exist; Why You May Need Multiple Solutions for Your BI Needs

Earlier in this decade, the trend of finding a software vendor that can do everything emerged. This is often to the detriment of companies, especially those searching for business intelligence (BI) solutions. We tell people searching […]

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