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Top 4 Reasons to Look for An Alternative to Domo Everywhere Embedded Analytics

Domo Everywhere is a good BI software but it also has its flaws. Know what the top four reasons why we need to look for an alternative to Domo here.

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Top Benefits (And Downsides) of Self-Hosted BI Software for Embedded Analytics

There are several benefits and downsides to cloud-based and self-hosted BI solutions. We detail them in this article so you can determine which is best for you.

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Use Case: Embedded Reporting For Hosted Or On-Premise End Users

Software that works in both cloud and on-premise environments has one specific requirement when it comes to embedded analytics. The embedded Business Intelligence software should also work in both, hosted and on-premise environments.

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The 5 Most Common Questions About Yurbi

We work with customers and prospects every day, and throughout those interactions we receive a ton of questions about Yurbi. We always want to give a complete answer to these questions, which is why we decided […]

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Cloud or On-Premise Dashboards? Best Practices for Reporting on Cloud/SaaS Apps

Companies have become heavily invested in using the Cloud to bring all of their data into one easily accessible place. Therefore it makes perfect sense why they are also going to the Cloud to search for […]

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