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Embedded BI Doesn’t Have To Be An All-Or-Nothing Decision

Most people think that embedded BI can be very expensive or labor-intensive, but it is far from that. Learn more about it here.

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4 Complex White Label Analytics Scenarios (And How We Help)

We’re constantly speaking with software vendors that are searching for white label analytics, embedded analytics, OEM analytics dashboards to integrate with their existing web-based or non-web-based applications. Many of these companies are deciding whether to build […]

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Integrate Ivanti Service Management With Any of Your Other Data Sources

Centralizing and integrating multiple data sources used to be a time consuming and expensive solution for a highly convenient and efficient solution. That is until Yurbi came along. We designed Yurbi to quickly centralize the data […]

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Best Dashboard Software for Ivanti Service Management

Ivanti Service Manager is one of the premier ITSM solutions available today. From automating workflows that eliminate costly manual processes, to ticket trend analysis and beyond, Ivanti Service Manager (formerly Heat Service Management) is a scalable […]

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New Yurbi Premium App: Ivanti Service Management 2016

Do you use Ivanti Service Management (formerly known as Heat Service Management) as your preferred ITSM solution? We’re excited to announce you can now connect to your Ivanti data using Yurbi’s latest Premium App: Ivanti Service […]

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Case Study: Using Yurbi to Gain Access to Legacy BMC Remedy Data

A large, international bank asked us to help us solve an issue the bank was facing. The bank had just switched its helpdesk system from BMC Remedy to ServiceNow. During this transition, the bank was trying […]

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The Top Issues with BMC Smart Reporting

BMC ITSM recently made a significant shift in its out-of-the-box reporting strategy. As we’ve mentioned in the past, BMC used to white label SAP BusinessObjects as its reporting tool and branded it as BMC Analytics. With […]

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The 5 Most Common Questions About Yurbi

We work with customers and prospects every day, and throughout those interactions we receive a ton of questions about Yurbi. We always want to give a complete answer to these questions, which is why we decided […]

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3 Reasons Why CABI’s Breakup with Business Objects is a Big Deal

On April 16, 2016, CA Technologies (CA) announced that it would no longer distribute CABI 4.1 with BusinessObjects. CA stated that the company will instead distribute CABI 6.x with TIBCO® Jaspersoft. Though CA Technologies downplayed the […]

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The Definitive Guide to the Yurbi App

The Yurbi App is the secret sauce of Yurbi and is what sets it apart from other business intelligence (BI) self-service solutions. We’ve mentioned the Yurbi App many times before, but we often get the question, […]

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