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5 Key Components of Agile Business Intelligence

Agile business intelligence is the use of agile software development frameworks for business intelligence initiatives, but it doesn’t mean it has to follow as strict a process as software development. The key is that an agile […]

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After 500+ Conversations With Customers Looking To Buy Business Intelligence Software Here Are The Top 6 Insights I’ve Learned

I spend a lot of time meeting and engaging customers. As founder of 5000fish, as well as the product visionary behind Yurbi, one of my key goals is to be able to listen and learn as […]

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How to Enable Your Organization For Self-Service BI

There are two types of BI solutions: traditional or agile. Today’s BI market is moving further away from traditional solutions to more agile, self-service solutions because businesses require more speed and agility in order to keep […]

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