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Straight Talk Review: The Pros and Cons of Microsoft SSRS

We encounter a lot of companies searching for new business intelligence (BI) solutions, and lately, we have spoken with many Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) users in pursuit of a BI tool that is easier […]

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Straight Talk Review: Yurbi vs. Microsoft SSRS

We recently published an article about the pros and cons of Microsoft SSRS, but how does Yurbi stack up against Microsoft’s server-based reporting platform? In this article, we’ll do a side-by-side comparison of Yurbi and Microsoft […]

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Considering OLAP vs OLTP? 3 Things to Know (and Why the Choice is Clear for Us)

Every so often, potential customers ask us whether they should store data within an OLAP Cube or a transactional database. Yurbi does not support OLAP Cubes which means we recommend using a transactional database instead, but […]

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The Best Reporting Tool for People Who Like Writing SQL Queries

At 5000fish, our goal is to make sure we’re the absolute right fit for potential customers and are making a well-informed purchase decision before they choose Yurbi as their business intelligence solution. That’s why we take […]

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